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As more and more people are becoming interested in health food trends, more natural, health-oriented restaurants and food options are popping up everywhere. As health food continues to gain popularity, many people are now also looking for healthier options for their pets. Pet care has grown to an astounding $69 billion industry, as many people in the USA want the absolute best for their furry friends. And, as everyone knows, cats can be very picky eaters. This is why pet care franchise, Wag N’ Wash, has developed a healthy, all-natural pet food line, perfect for picky felines! This line has taken off in terms of popularity! Many people are starting to recognize the benefits of this healthy food, and are demanding limited-ingredient food options with high-quality products. Lorin Grow, owner of Furry Face in Redlands, Calif., says,

“As more and more cats develop medical issues that can absolutely be eliminated or controlled by a better, high-quality diet, cat parents are looking for life-changing improvements without the use of drugs and/or chemicals. All illness, and all wellness, begins with food.”

This is a theory that Wag N’ Wash has always employed, and as a leading pet care franchise, pet health is of the utmost importance to us. The raw food category for cats and dogs is only growing, as can be seen in Wag N’ Wash’s sales. Rob Flanagan, CEO of Wag N’ Wash, says,

“I really see a big movement in both cat and dog food towards raw. I think it’s a niche that’s only going to grow.”

Wag N’ Wash provides not only high-quality pet food, but multiple other services such as toys, shampoos, and grooming! All of our products are perfect for pet owners who want a natural, high-quality product for their pets!

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