Wag N’ Wash Opens in California to Keep Pets Clean

The new Wag N’ Wash Natural Food and Bakery store in California, Maryland owned and operated by veterinarian Dr. Kirk Forest and his wife, Anne, opened on June 4th. This store is the first one to open on the East Coast and the couple was surprised by the good turnout!

“It was an extremely busy Saturday and Sunday. They told us halfway through the day on Saturday that we were already higher than their largest soft opening of a store that they’ve had. We did really well.”

The Hollywood couple owned the St. Mary’s Veterinary Hospital in Lexington Park for 21 years and sold it in 2009 to a hospital chain. Kirk is still practicing at the hospital, but plans to spend his consultation time at the new Wag N’ Wash store. He is also getting certified in Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture to take a more holistic approach on pet care. He wants to hold monthly seminars on health issues concerning diet, arthritis, fleas, and ticks.

“What I see in my day-to-day practice – nutrition is so important – but you’ve got a 20-, 30- minute appointment and you’ve got an animal that’s sick or other things and you don’t have a whole lot of time to address nutrition. You don’t have time to discuss diet changes and needs. I’ll do consultations here. You really need an hour for those things.”

What people also love from this store is the variety of ‘natural food’ brands and the in-house bakery. Anne says that their store will start with 12 of the company’s 26 recipes for biscuits, cakes, and treats. Samples of the treats are offered to pets to try. The store is located in the San Souci Plaza and a grand opening was held on July 9th and 10th. Kirk says the store is a lot of fun and that its a more relaxing environment than the veterinarians office. To read the full article click wagwash