Wag N’ Wash named Pet Retail of the Year!

By encompassing nutritious food, full service-grooming, self-wash facilities, pet retail supplies, and a diverse selection of bakery and deli treats, Wag N’ Wash is one cool place for pets.  

The idea for Wag N’ Wash came from an experience most pet lovers know and hate, leaving each morning for work and being forced to leave their beloved animals behind. This cycle caused Dan Remus and Jef Strass, the founders of Wag N’ Wash, to change the direction of their professional careers and open a business that would allow them to bring their pets to work with them.

In 1999, the pair opened their first location in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which featured a self-serve dog wash and fresh, homemade dog treats baked onsite. As customer demand grew, Remus and Strass found themselves needing to add new products and services to support their growing business.

In 2002, Wag N’ Wash was able to move into a 4,200 square foot location and expand to a full-line pet supply store, providing grooming services, a dog wash, bakery and deli treats, pet supplies, and foods and supplements- making Wag N’ Wash one cool place for pets! The positive response to the store lead the Wag N’ Wash brand to consider a franchise model which would allow them to expand across the US.

Today, Wag N’ Wash uses its customer experience as well as the ambiance of the locations to stand apart in a very competitive market. “Our biggest differentiator is the experience offered to our guests,” Remus said. “There is nothing secret about what we do; our goods and services can be found in some shape or form with our competitors, but we spotlight an experience that our guests want to repeat. It’s the level of education of our staff members and the look and feel of our stores that make a visit to Wag N’ Wash not only pleasant, but fun.”

If you are interested in starting your own pet friendly business, please follow this link to learn more about Wag N’ Wash franchise opportunities!


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