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It’s incredible what dogs are capable of inspiring! For example, Jef Strauss and Dan Remus created Wag N’ Wash together because of the love that they had for their Dalmatian, Geni. Both Jef and Dan felt guilty that they were working jobs that continually kept them away from the aging Geni for over 12 hours a day. So, like many entrepreneurs, they decided to take matters into their own hands and in 1999, Jef and Dan officially opened their first Wag N’ Wash location in Colorado Springs, Colorado! They haven’t looked back since!

“We opened our first location back in 1999 because Jef and I wanted to spend more time with our aging Dalmatian Geni. We never expected to have nearly 20 stores open throughout the country and almost one million people wash their dogs at one of our stores,” said Dan Remus, co-founder of Wag N’ Wash. “What we are most proud of is the ability for each of our Wag Shops to engrain itself within the communities they are a part of. We get to know our guests and their companions personally, and we love their companions as much as they do.”

Celebrating 20 Years of Success (140 in Dog Years)

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It’s crazy to think, though, that Wag N’ Wash was almost finished before it could even get started! From a financial standpoint, Jef and Dan couldn’t get the bank to provide them with the loan that they needed. Due to this, they decided to take out a second mortgage on their home, crossed their fingers, and worked really hard. What the bank didn’t understand (or realize), was just how quickly the Pet Industry was growing. In 1999, the Pet Industry was valued at $17 billion. Today? That figure is closer to $70 BILLION (and still growing)! A big reason for this growing figure is actually something that Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owners are able to take advantage of:

“We see Wag N’ Wash as a generational business. Already the children of some of our firsts guests and now becoming customers! Looking ahead at where we want Wag N’ Wash to be another 20 years from now, we will continue striving to improve the lives of companion animals from coast to coast,” added Jef Strauss, co-founder of Wag N’ Wash. “Listening to our guests and team members at each of our locations is going to be key in evolving the pet retail and services we offer. No one knows what pet companions need better than their guardians and our dedicated pet-loving staff.”

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