In an effort to help the animal victims of Hurricane Harvey, Wag N’ Wash  has donated $4,013 to the Houston Humane Society, a non-profit Pet Rescue, Adoption, and Shelter dedicated to ending cruelty and abuse of animals in the Houston area. After Hurricane Harvey hit, the shelter has committed to providing shelter and care for any pet that has been separated from their owner.

From September 9th – 10th every $5 from every self wash donated to the Houston and Humane Society. The participating stores included Littleton CO, Castle Rock CO, Colorado Springs CO, and Seattle WA. Local communities came out to support the cause with a total of 658 washes occurring over the two days, plus an additional $185 in donations.

Co-Founder of Wag N’ Wash Dan Reimus said ‘we are grateful to have had the opportunity give back during this time. We are even more thankful for our customers who helped us support such a great organization and cause. Animals across Houston were displaced on a large-scale and sadly affected by Hurricane Harvey. This was the very least we could do to help.’

Supporting local non-profit animal shelters is nothing new for Wag N’ Wash. In 2016 alone Wag N’ Wash donated over $100,000 worth of food, free washes, merchandise and money to local shelters in their communities. Additionally they have worked with local rescue groups during adoption fairs and have been responsible for the adoption of more than 2000 cats and dogs.

To learn more, find the full article HERE.


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