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At Wag N’ Wash, our solid reputation with our customers consistently acts as one our greatest strengths in distinguishing ourselves from our competitors. With numerous customer testimonials online regarding our locations nationwide, we pride ourselves in being a leading dog grooming franchise for pet owners across the country. As customers choose us as their go-to pet shop, starting your own Wag N’ Wash franchise could open your life up to a truly fun and fulfilling entrepreneurial opportunity!

So, what are Wag N’ Wash customers saying exactly?

Firstly, our commitment to providing exceptional customer service to companion animals and their owners creates the perfect grooming experience for every customer.

“When we walked in we were immediately welcomed by the nicest staff. They welcomed us to the store by taking us in a tour and explaining how everything worked. I had never been to a self wash place quite like this and they made sure to answer all of our wash questions that we had about our nervous pet. They never made me feel rushed or like I was inconveniencing them – They were super friendly and caring. Honestly if you just ask, the team is so helpful and they will give lots of advice on the best times and most busy times. ” —Fernando A.; Denver, CO

“I wish I lived in Denver so these guys could be my go to for EVERYTHING pet. What an AMAZING company […] I cannot say enough about how welcoming, professional, and helpful the staff was. I should have written down the names of the gals who helped us because they deserve the shout out.” —Brittney N.; Sandy, UT

“I went into Wag N’ Wash a few months back when I first got my pup and I’m so glad I did. They have been so helpful when I didn’t know what I was doing taking my dog to do the self wash for the first time. Every employee I have talked to has been willing to talk to me about their different products and what would be best for my pup.  They truly cared about me and my dog Pickles!” —Jessica W.; Hollywood, MD

Making sure every pet and their owners receive an outstanding level of customer service is our goal. Our dog grooming franchise offers unique and specialized services, from our grooming to our pet food line, making it clear to see what puts us above the rest of our competitors. With our customers acclaiming our dedication to making their experience one to remember, it’s clear to see how hard our franchise owners work to uphold the mission of Wag N’ Wash.

Alongside our commitment to creating the perfect experience for pets and their owners, our customers simply love the quality and results of our grooming services.

“Hands down the best place and experience for my two fur babies and myself! The wash itself is so much a better experience than washing them at home. The water is warm and powerful. My puppies enjoyed it like a massage(they provided everything for me, water-proof apron, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels, leave in conditioner, you name it, they have it!) The drying processs was literally breezy. I got both the dogs washed and dried in less than a quarter of the effort if I had to wash them at home. I am so blessed to find this place for my beloved dogs.” —Li M.; San Antonio, TX

“Best groomer in the area for my huge goldendoodle – and that is not something I say lightly. As it were. He’s usually super irritated after grooming, especially around his nether areas, but he has no issues at all after his grooming here. They also have the only self-serve washing stations in the area. Affordable and excellent quality.” —T B.; Minneapolis, MN

As pet owners increasingly treat their pets with better care, more and more customers are looking for a pet shop that will provide the highest quality grooming services and pet foods. At Wag N’ Wash, we aim to ensure that each grooming experience results in a happy customer. Our commitment to providing the best grooming experience for each individual customer allows us to be a leading dog grooming franchise.

In conclusion, you can see that Wag N’ Wash has built a wide and loyal group of customers who found satisfaction with the quality of our grooming and customer service. We want to ensure that pets and owners receive the best service, so that they can truly feel their best. With our strong brand loyalty, we know that current—and future— franchise owners will be able to experience the joys of running a well-respected business without having to spend years building their own. 

If you want to start YOUR own business with a brand that possesses dozens of amazing customer reviews, opening your own Wag N’ Wash could be the perfect opportunity for you! Click HERE to learn more about Wag N’ Wash, and see what sets us apart as a leading dog grooming franchise.

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