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We are extremely excited to welcome Kristen Wellen to the Wag N’ Wash family as our newest Vice President of Marketing! With years of extensive experience and leadership roles in marketing and the franchise industry, we are eager to add another strong leader to our pet shop franchise team. 

As a franchise industry veteran, Wellen began her professional career in franchise marketing thirteen years ago, and has continued this career path ever since. Before joining Wag N’ Wash, Wellen developed her marketing expertise at WellBiz Brands, Inc,, where she was responsible in shaping brand messaging and growing the marketing efforts of the entire franchise network as the Senior Director of Brand Marketing. Alongside WellBiz Brands, Wellen also held marketing roles with franchisors of established companies such as PostNet and The Little Gym. Through these various experiences in the franchising space, Wellen possesses the vast knowledge and skill to help brands, such as Wag N’ Wash, elevate their unique brand messaging to reflect into franchise growth. 

“As we continue our efforts to grow the brand nationally, Kristen couldn’t have joined the Wag N’ Wash team at a better time,” said Rob Flanagan, president of Wag N’ Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming. “Her wide-ranging franchise industry experience combined with her love for the brand, makes her a significant addition to our leadership team. She will play an important role in strengthening our franchise system in turn helping us reinforce the brand’s reputation as a leader in the natural pet food and grooming industry.”

For Wag N’ Wash specifically, Wellen already holds a vision of how she wants to help our pet shop franchise expand our family. By boosting national branding and franchise development messaging, Wellen aims to strengthen Wag N’ Wash’s national visibility while tying everything back to our sole mission: enhancing the quality of life for companion pets and their guardians!

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Before joining our leadership team, Wellen actually enjoyed our large selection of services as a regular customer at our Castle Rock location in Colorado. As a past customer with experience of our grooming services, self-service wash options, healthy pet foods, in-store bakery, and multiple pet supplies, Wellen knows first-hand our goal and vision at Wag N’ Wash is to provide our customers with the services to best treat your pets. Our vision — improving the lives of our companions — is what Wellen claims spoke to her on a personal level. Believing strongly in being able to align with the vision and mission of a business, Wellen found no problem in connecting with Wag N’ Wash given her long-time and loyal relationship with our products and services. 

“I am a strong believer the best companies you can work for are brands that you love and are a customer of,” Wellen claims. “Wag N’ Wash has a dedicated team, and I’m thrilled to be joining them in leading efforts to scale the company through branding and franchise marketing.”

With Wellen’s support and leadership, we are thrilled and ready to explore several new initiatives to help improve the Wag N’ Wash experience for our customers, franchise owners, and team members. We are launching a new consumer website, a learning management system to assist in on-boarding our new franchise owners and train team members. We also are exploring ways to improve our point of sale system this year to increase flexibility and convenience for both our customers and store owners!

We, at Wag N’ Wash, are inspired by Wellen’s experience and vision for the future of our pet shop franchise family, and cannot wait to see what new changes and growth comes from her new leadership!



To read more about Kristen Wellen and access the original article, click here! If you are looking for pet business opportunities within the pet shop franchise space, Wag N’ Wash could be the perfect fit for you! With nineteen stores in eight states today, we are continuously looking for cat and dog lovers who want to join our Wag N’ Wash family as franchise owners as the pet industry keeps growing at a rapid pace. This could be the perfect opportunity to build your own success business, alongside our other success Wag N’ Wash owners. If owning your own pet shop franchise sounds like your dream job, or you simply want to learn more about what we do at Wag N’ Wash, click here!

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