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Stand Out As A Pet Store Franchise

Wag N’ Wash is an international pet supplies franchise with a community spirit. Unlike the distant, unfamiliar feel of many chain pet supply stores, Wag N’ Wash invites customers in with a comfortable, community based environment. All of our stores are locally owned by individuals who are 100% invested in their community, which makes Wag N’ Wash stand out from the pet supplies franchise pack.

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Our purpose is to provide dogs, cats and their humans with an unforgettable experience in a place that cares deeply about their individual needs.

If you’re wanting to take your destiny in your hands and build a successful business by shaking the paws of your customers, then we encourage you to consider a Wag N’ Wash pet franchise.

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Wag N’ Wash – the Leader of the Pack

At Wag N’ Wash, we represent the best of the pet supplies franchise industry. Our defining attribute is our community focus. When companies are franchised, they tend to become mechanical, dry, and lifeless while only focusing on the growth of the franchise, not the growth of the communities their locations reside in. Wag N’ Wash, however is 100% community focused. We give back to our customers and local charities, support local producers, and assist local adoption and rescue groups. As an Owner of a Wag N’ Wash pet store franchise, you can be assured that your business is beneficial to you and your community (two legged and four legged).

In addition to a welcoming community focus, Wag N’ Wash is the Alpha dog in pet services. As the leading pet store franchise, we offer more than just food and collars. All of our locations sell natural, healthy pet foods, doggie treats baked in-house daily, full service grooming (and DIY grooming options), and toys and retail products. At Wag N’ Wash, we are as dedicated to your furry friend as you are. We have all the services and products necessary to pamper and spoil your pet. Here at Wag N’ Wash, you won’t find the cold and unhelpful services typical of our pet shop competition. We are as excited about your dog as you are and our services show it!

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Stopped in when the place first opened just to get some cat treats. The plethora of knowledge the owners have regarding the products they offer was amazing. My Mom brought her dog in for a grooming appointment and when we got him back he looked cuter than ever. Please support this local business when you can rather than the big box stores.

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Supreme Brand Loyalty

As a business Owner, brand loyalty is definitely something to bark about. Studies show that when customers are loyal to your brand, they buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per visit, and are 5 times more likely to become return (and loyal) customers. All Wag N’ Wash locations experience high levels of brand loyalty. Our customers are continually impressed with our products, services, and community focus. When customers enter Wag N’ Wash, their experience is pawsitively delightful, and they keep coming back for more. Our expertise in cats and dogs, all natural product selection, and grade A grooming services make us the top choice of pet owners. If you are looking to align yourself with a community focused pet store franchise, Wag N’ Wash is interested in partnering with you.

With an excellent Average Gross Revenue of over $1,600,972, a low initial investment, unbeatable support, and a pet-friendly environment, it is easy to see why Wag N’ Wash leads the pet supplies franchise industry. If you’re a pet enthusiast, community focused, fun-loving, business savvy individual, then Wag N’ Wash is the career choice for you. Call us today for more information about getting started.

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