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With franchise business opportunities available in every industry imaginable, what makes a pet shop franchise “The One”? The answer is easy— there is no other type of franchise that offers the perfect combination between great financial potential, a strong and growing industry, and finding true fulfillment in your work. At Wag N’ Wash, we are able to offer our franchise owners each of these three features in the fullest manner as a growing pet store franchise. Pet owners are putting more and more effort into the well-being of their animals, thus making it clear to see the great and growing potential in starting a pet store business. Here, we list the top three reasons for why choosing to open your own pet shop franchise could be the perfect opportunity for you.


It is no surprise that pet shop franchises, and Wag N’ Wash in particular, benefits from high average unit volumes as well as strong profit margins. For Wag N’ Wash specifically, our average unit volume of over $1,500,000 simply speaks for itself. The margins also demonstrate great strength and stability, in regards to retail sales. Entrepreneur highlighted the numbers backing the margins of retail businesses, citing average margins topping 60 percent as well as popular items like chewing toys reaching 70 percent. They also illustrate the impact of high-end accessories for dogs, such as designer collars and luxury clothes, that aid in maintaining the high average margin. 


Without a doubt, the pet industry stays stronger than ever. In a past article, we addressed the specific numbers behind the industry and how they boost the success of our pet shop franchise. With individuals spending billions of dollars annually on pet food, toys, and supplies, there are no signs of decline in the market. Especially within the last few decades, the growing number of pets (over 350 million) combined with the increasing effort placed on pet care calls for an increased demand for pet stores and grooming establishments as a whole. Not only does Wag N’ Wash reap the benefits of working in a booming industry, but our focus on healthy and natural products places us in the faster growing segment of the industry itself given the rising popularity of healthy living products for our pets. When considering our ability to tap into various segments of the industry through our food products, bakery, grooming services, and self-service wash, our wide reach on the entire pet industry helps promote the utmost success for all of our franchise owners. 


Even with financial success, it is difficult to find true satisfaction in your work if you feel unfulfilled and unable to make a significant impact in your community. It’s true— it can’t get better than working with dogs and cats every day! If you are passionate about animals and enriching their quality of life, you are bound to feel proud of the work you do to better the lives of pets and their guardians. Not only will you feel content in yourself, but the ability to give back to the community through our pet shop franchise allows for even further career fulfillment. From holding pet adoption fairs to donating money to local nonprofits, franchise owners can be sure to know that our pet shop franchise is committed to giving back to the community. So if you are looking for a way to better your career by leaving a positive impact with your communities, becoming a franchise owner with Wag N’ Wash can help guide you towards achieving the fulfillment you desire in a professional career. 

With these three reasons in mind, it becomes easy to see why so many others explore pet business opportunities and joined Wag N’ Wash as a franchise owner. There are not many other business opportunities that encourage the great financial rewards while also promoting the contentment of the business owner, and we are proud to see our pet shop franchise successfully provide that opportunity.

Do any of these reasons to invest in a pet shop franchise resonate with you? Then, becoming a franchise owner with Wag N’ Wash could be the perfect opportunity for you! Visit our franchise page to learn more about how to start the process and become the next member of our franchise family!

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