Thankful for Owners of Our Pet Franchises

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At Wag N Wash, we are embracing the season of Thanksgiving by extending our warmest gratitude to our pet store Franchise Owners.

While nearly 20 years in the pet store industry has brought us grand levels of success, we attribute most of our achievements to our hard working Franchise Owners. The success of a franchise brand is only as good as the success of each individual location, and the Franchise Owners of Wag N Wash pet store franchise have outdone themselves. On average, each franchise location brings in $1.5 million in annual sales – even our Founders didn’t believe numbers like that to be possible when Wag N Wash was just beginning. We are amazed at the perseverance and commitment to success that each of our current Franchise Owners holds. Award winning since 2016, Wag N Wash has been recognized by various franchise associations as an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs. With 19 locations currently open, Wag N Wash has attracted recognition nationwide and more entrepreneurs sign up to join the Wag N’ Wash team as demand for our healthy and versatile pet products grows. As we review the incoming applications from future hopeful Franchise Owners, we can only extend our unending thanks to the current Wag N Wash Owners who have made this success and recognition possible.

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The demand for high quality retailers is growing because people are more knowledgeable about the health and wellbeing of their companion pets.

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High Quality Supply

We need partners who deeply care for their business, are passionate about animals and providing exceptional customer service, and can execute our business model flawlessly.

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High Quality Demand

The demand for healthier and higher quality pet foods and products is growing. We continue to experience year-over-year sales gains of 7% (for stores open two or more years).

Giving Back to Our Owners of Pet Franchises

We have developed an extensive support program in order to show our gratitude to our hardworking Franchise Owners. All current and new Owners of Wag N Wash Pet Franchises will receive the following from our benefits program:

Real Estate & Construction

Once you’re on board with the Wag N’ Wash franchise, we will help you get your location open and running as fast as possible. Your initial investment covers everything you need to build out one of the pet franchises, but we don’t expect you to handle the construction all on your own! Our real estate team will help you search for the perfect location and our construction team assists you in finding a general contractor and managing the entire project from start to finish.


After your beautiful, new pet franchise has been built, we will train you how to run it effectively! With two training phases covering both classroom instruction and on-the-job training, you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to know about the pet industry and running a successful pet store franchise.

Field Support

You’ll be assigned a Franchise Relations Expert that will support you with operations and management and 3 to 4 annual onsite visits will help keep you in the loop of all the Wag N Wash corporate ongoings.

Marketing and Advertising

From local advertising to social media, Google, Yelp!, and other online marketing tools, our marketing team will help you both capture the attention of your local community.

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We are excited to support those who support our business and are forever grateful to the hard work of the entrepreneurs that make our vision possible. Contact us today to learn more about joining our team.

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