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Do you dream of getting paid to lather and spoil those adorable dogs you love so much? Starting a pet franchise is easier than you may think when you partner with the right pet franchise.

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Starting any business on your own is difficult, no matter how experienced you are. Without the proper support and a strong business model, it’s likely your business could fail. Thankfully, if you’re interested in dogs, there are plenty of pet franchises out there that offer viable business opportunities. Wag N’ Wash is a dog grooming and pet supplies franchise that provides incredible service, high-end products and satisfied customers (both two and four-legged!). Our top grossing location recorded nearly $2 million in sales in the last year – quite the testament to our success! We are searching for talented, dog-loving entrepreneurs that have dreamed of starting a pet franchise. With our incredible franchise model and the support offered by our corporate team, this dream can come true in a low risk, high reward way!

Have Fun With Our Dog Grooming Pet Franchise

While most entrepreneurs seek opportunity based on monetary motivations, we know that dog-lovers are also seeking love, fun and plenty of pawsitive moments! As a Wag n’ Wash Franchise Owner, you’ll be able to:

Wash ‘Em

Wag N’ Wash offers two distinct dog grooming services: professional grooming and self-wash stations. These represent two streams of revenue for Franchise Owners and plenty of bubbles, fun and squeaky-cleanness for your customers.

Feed ‘Em

Like many pet owners, your dog is your fur-baby and deserves the best diet you can provide. We here at Wag N’ Wash understand the importance of healthy, balanced meals and stock our shelves with high-end, quality pet food products that are in high demand in the pet industry.

Spoil ‘Em

While grooming and food are essential pet care products, every pet owner loves to spoil their four-legged companions once in a while (or all the time). Wag N’ Wash provides treats, fresh-baked dog snacks, toys, fetchers, puzzles, leashes and leads, outdoor gear, beds, blankets and more!

Love ‘Em

The best part about being a pet Franchise Owner is the love you get to give to every doggie that walks through the door. All Wag N’ Wash locations also work directly with the pet owners and pets in their local communities through adoptions and other charities. Owning a pet franchise is an opportunity that brings both professional success and true fulfillment.


“We set our financial goals high, committed ourselves 110% and we achieved our goals in less time than we planned. Our growth was organic and everyday gets easier and easier. We now have two locations and can’t wait to continue to grow our Wag N’ Wash business.”
Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner
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Starting a dog grooming business doesn’t have to be a pipe-dream. Wag N’ Wash is actively searching for talented, dog-loving entrepreneurs to join our award-winning franchise as we continue national expansion. A background in retail or management helps, but anyone with business knowledge, a desire to succeed and a deep community connection will fit well on our team.

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