Proven Success of Our Self Serve Dog Wash Franchise

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A Trusted Name

Wag N’ Wash isn’t your typical self serve dog wash franchise. For more than a decade we have devoted ourselves to a relentless approach towards exceptional customer service and high quality pet foods and products. We have surrounded ourselves with individuals who are devoted to making a great living while improving the lives of their companion pets and those around them. Using this approach we have become the trusted name in pet retail in all of the communities in which we operate.

5 Reasons
You Can’t Go Wrong

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Highly Resilient

The pet industry seems to defy all the odds during periods of recession and has actually been affected very little by the economic crises experienced so far.

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The last thing any entrepreneur wants is a seasonal business. Seasonal demand limits cash-flow to a couple of weeks per year, forcing you to stack up on inventory, which is not ideal.

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Educated Customers

Some of the most innovative companies do not get funding because of the expense that it would take to educate the customer on what the product or service does and why it is so important.

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Benefits From Science

Think about the naughtiest thing your dog ever did. Bet you don’t hold a grudge. That’s because dogs and cats have something called kinderschema. It means they have a large head with big eyes, big round ears — and that you’ll forgive them anything.

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Great Margins

Retail businesses expect an average margin anywhere above 60%. While pet food margins are mostly around 50%, popular items like toys can have 70%. Designer collars, luxury clothing and other items also have great margins, keeping the average margin high.

See the full article and read the data here.

Widely Recognized Brand

At Wag N’ Wash we have spent years establishing ourselves as the most trusted self serve dog wash franchise in all the communities in which we operate. By using our carefully crafted business model we ensure that our new Franchise Owners have a leg up on the competition. From day one you will be set up to take immediate advantage of a huge segment of the pet market. You’ll have access to our strictly all-natural, human-grade freshly baked treats, high quality toys, bedding and supplements, and our own line of proprietary shampoos and professional grooming services.

You’ll also automatically benefit from the brand recognition that we have spent decades creating. We have taken careful time to build important relationships with industry manufacturers and suppliers. With these strong relationships we are able to provide our Franchise Owners Grade-A pricing which independent Owners do not have access to, and allow us to pass on these savings to our customers. Additionally we have yet to see another self serve dog wash franchise that can replicate our boutique feel with quality products for a reasonable price.

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Wag N’ Wash is a different kind of franchise. We are made up of individuals who are devoted to making a great living while enjoying the lives of their companion pets and improving the lives of others.

Wag N’ Wash is proven to be successful for not only the Franchise Owners but for their communities as well.

We’re not an average pet food franchise. Unlike most independent pet stores that just sell food, Wag N’ Wash combines retail goods with self-service wash stations, full service grooming, and an in-house bakery to fulfill all of our customers needs under one roof.


We have unique products and services that are proprietary to our brand, and we only offer the highest quality pet foods and products. Wag N’ Wash has yet to see competition that replicates our boutique feel with quality products for a reasonable price.


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Guidance and Support

Thanks to our unprecedented success we’ve experienced, we have set a goal to provide all major markets and communities with a Wag N’ Wash as quickly as possible. To make sure we do this while maintaining a strategic growth rate we are seeking out individuals who deeply care about their business. With our business model to guide you and our corporate staff to support you, you will have the best chance to succeed. The time has never been better to join our self serve dog wash franchise.

Interested in our pet food franchise opportunities? Learn more about the Wag N’ Wash self serve dog wash franchise!

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