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We’ve always known our homemade baked treats have been a fan-favorite. Now, they’ve hit the spotlight! Our pet store franchise was recently showcased on KARE, the news station based out of Minneapolis. Jon Wagner, owner of a Wag N’ Wash franchise in Lakeville, Minnesota, joined Tia Messner and host Laura Betker to talk about Wag N’ Wash and walk the viewers through the delicious treats we create in our bakeries!

Before jumping into the baked goods, Jon helped illustrate the numerous services we offer as a pet store franchise. “At Wag N’ Wash, we do quite a few things,” Jon explained. “We try to be a one stop pet retail store for dogs and cats. We have our in-store pet bakery. On top of the bakery, we do full service grooming, and we have a self wash where you can come in and wash your own companion. We have everything you need, and you just leave the mess to us.” As Jon expressed, the multiple services we offer through our franchise benefits pets, pets owners, and Franchise Owners. We pride ourselves in offering our Franchise Owners four distinct revenue streams to target the vast depth of the pet industry. 

We also like to emphasize our commitment to providing the best natural pet foods at the highest quality. Jon expresses how at Wag N’ Wash, “we sell all natural foods. No corn, no wheat, no soy, no artificial preservatives or byproducts. They’re all very good choices, both grain and grain free.” The demand for healthier and higher quality pet foods is booming, and we want to ensure that we provide only the best products to our customers. In the end, we just want to make sure that pet owners leave our store knowing that they made the right choice for the pets. When asked what happens when customers come in with no idea what is the best food for their dog, Jon expressed that there will always be someone who can help out. “We’ll walk you through it, ask you a bunch of question about what you have, determine what options you have, then decide from there.” 

After offering a summary about everything Wag N’ Wash has to offer, Tia took over to present the wide assortment of baked goods our pet store franchise carries. As we all know, pet owners love spoiling their furry friends, so our baked goods are a perfect way to allow them “people food” without the guilt. To start, Tia explains that “everything is made in house and from scratch. We bake really hard and to the heart.” Again, we want to provide only the highest quality products for pet owners and their pets, and that calls for offering a bakery that holds the freshest and most delicious treats. “We have some fun ones,” Tia expresses, referencing the colorful assortment of treats that were brought out. She starts out with the treats that hold the most popularity among our pet store franchise—the cakes. Not only are these cakes made fresh in store, but they have another fun surprise! “The fun thing is we can actually customize the cakes if you give us a day or two notice,” Tia explains. “We can personalize it and make it fun! It doesn’t just have to be birthdays; you can do adoption days, gender reveals, all that fun stuff. We’ve seen it all!” She also highlights another one of Wag N’ Wash’s most popular treats— the cookies! “Because it’s the fall season, we brought some of our favorites, like the pumpkin paw,” Tia states. 

Lastly, Jon addressed how all of the homemade baked goods are actually safe for everyone to eat! “It’s all human grade, so we can eat it too. There’s just no salt or sugar in it,” Jon explains. Of course, this called for a group taste-test! Before ending the segment, a couple of the KARE reporters came out to get a taste of what our treats truly taste like. Even without the salt and the sugar, they gave the final verdict: It’s doggone good!

To watch the original segment, click here! If you want to share our popular homemade baked goods with the pet owners and pets in your community, become a Franchise Owner today! Visit our franchise page to learn more about our pet store franchise, what we’re looking for in a Franchise Owner, and how you could be the next member of the Wag N’ Wash family!

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