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Pet Store Franchise: A Proven Model

Pet Store Franchise

Popular and Successful

When it comes to popular and successful pet store franchises, look no further than Wag N’ Wash. We are a fast growing business with year-over-year sales gains of 7% (for stores open two or more years). With our high quality foods, professional grooming, self-service wash and vast array of products, it’s no mystery why we continue to experience high profitability. Our unique business model keeps our loyal customers coming back for more. Are you ready to join a pet store franchise and work for yourself? If so, give Wag N’ Wash a call.

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Dog Wash Franchise

Our purpose is to provide dogs, cats and their humans with an unforgettable experience in a place that cares deeply about their individual needs.

If you’re wanting to take your destiny in your hands and build a successful business by shaking the paws of your customers, then we encourage you to consider a Wag N’ Wash pet franchise.

Wag n' Wash

Unique Model

If you’re ready to take the leap and join one of the most successful pet store franchises, consider  Wag N’ Wash. After more than a decade we continue to experience high growth and success thanks to your unique business model. Through our success we have learned that we need to surround ourselves with motivated individuals who are eager to succeed. To assist these individuals we provide them our carefully crafted business model that takes all that we’ve learned over the last decade and condenses it into a “how to” guide for new franchise owners.

Not only will you have our business model to guide you, but you’ll also be supported by our corporate support structure. You’ll receive operational support to help you get your new franchise up and running quickly and efficiently, you’ll receive marketing support as well as ops and field support. We’ll help to take care of all the details and remove as much of the load from your shoulders as possible so that you don’t sink under the pressure. With all this added support and our proven business model, you’ll have the best chance at success possible. Don’t waste another minute and give Wag N’ Wash a call today to get started.

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Stopped in when the place first opened just to get some cat treats. The plethora of knowledge the owners have regarding the products they offer was amazing. My Mom brought her dog in for a grooming appointment and when we got him back he looked cuter than ever. Please support this local business when you can rather than the big box stores.

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Take Charge

Choosing to join a pet store franchise can be an intimidating and daunting experience, but with Wag N’ Wash there is no reason to fear. We continue to see high average unit volume while experiencing impressive growth and success. We will help with securing vendors, training on ops systems, ensuring compliance with health and safety, and team management. We do everything we can to remove the load from your shoulders and give you every chance at success. If you’re ready to take charge of your future, give Wag N’ Wash a call.

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