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Wag N' Wash is the top-rated pet store franchise near you.

A Pet Franchise Like No Other

Among all the pet franchises out there, none is worth barking about more than the Wag n’ Wash opportunity. As a curated, one-stop-shop experience, our personnel are on hand to meet the needs of both our four-legged and two-legged customers. Our well-trained staff know each product down to the last detail. That understanding, as well as their knowledge of cats and dogs, makes them an invaluable resource. Nothing beats an in-person consultation with one of our representatives to find out what’s best for the pet in question.

What Pet Franchise Owners Love Most

Wag N' Wash pet store franchise offers an impressive ROI.
Impressive ROI

With a lower investment than many other pet franchises, you can open a store with as little as $425,050. Some of our locations have seen average gross sales around $1.9 million!

The pet store franchise is a thriving industry.

Thriving Industry

Our pet store franchise intersects with multiple sectors of the $96 billion pet care industry. It tends to be resilient as well, since owning a pet will never go out of style. And with pets being treated like cherished family members, recession or not, their needs always make the ‘essentials’ list.

Wag N' Wash pet store franchise provides a nationwide opportunity.

Nationwide Opportunities

Unlike other pet franchise concepts, Wag n’ Wash has nationwide availability, even within popular locations like Texas, Washington and Oregon.

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Customer Loyalty

By giving each customer our undivided attention and offering expert advice, everyone who comes through our doors has their own unique experience. They feel seen, heard and understood. That’s something you don’t get when you shop online.

What Customers Love Most

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Loyalty Program

Our pet franchise proudly offers a V.I.P. rewards program by way of coupons, free food programs and in-store promotions. These savings add up to $500,000 a year!

Wag N' Wash is one of the leading pet franchises supporting pet adoption.

Pet Adoption

Our Founders have helped find ‘furever’ homes for over 3,000 dogs and cats through our adoption events. When our customers are able to find the perfect match through such events, the companionship that comes as a result is priceless. We’ve also helped raise $17,000 for an organization called Freedom Service Dogs, pairing dogs with veterans as a way to help service men and women reacclimate.

Wag N' Wash is one of the leading pet franchises providing community outreach.

Community Outreach

After 20 years in business, we like to thank the communities we belong to by donating to local nonprofits that align with our values. We love supporting related organizations within our neighborhoods.

Wag N' Wash pet store franchise available for ownership near you.


Wag N’ Wash is a different kind of franchise. We are made up of individuals who are devoted to making a great living while enjoying the lives of their companion pets and improving the lives of others.

Wag N’ Wash is proven to be successful for not only the Franchise Owners but for their communities as well.

We’re not an average pet food franchise. Unlike most independent pet stores that just sell food, Wag N’ Wash combines retail goods with self-service wash stations, full service grooming, and an in-house bakery to fulfill all of our customers needs under one roof.


We have unique products and services that are proprietary to our brand, and we only offer the highest quality pet foods and products. Wag N’ Wash has yet to see competition that replicates our boutique feel with quality products for a reasonable price.


Wag N' Wash is a pet store franchise available today.

Prime Time to Invest

After two decades in this business, we’ve been able to open 19 stores in 8 different states. We’d like to pass our success along to entrepreneurs who share our passion for animal care and serving communities. As a pet boutique that offers pet washing and grooming, a self-service washing station, an all-natural pet food bakery, and a wide range of products and toys, we stand apart as a pet franchise.

You’ll feel an abundance of support throughout our intensive, two-phase training program, personal mentoring by a “guide dog” assigned to you, quarterly onsite field support, and help from a dedicated marketing expert. Reach out today to learn more.

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