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One of the ways that Wag ‘N Wash stands out from other pet store franchise opportunities is its dedication to field support. In fact, our commitment to making sure each Franchise Owner gets the help they need from our unparalleled support team is one of the key factors to our pet franchise model’s success. Wag N’ Wash was recognized in a recent article featured in Franchise Times about the importance of a strong field support team. We know how overwhelming it can be to run a business, and we pledge to be with our Franchise Owners every step of the way, long after your location’s grand opening.

The Franchise Times article spotlighted the excellent communication between Wag N’ Wash field reps and Franchise Owners in each of our 14 pet franchise units, and how our weekly phone calls, monthly meetings, and four site visits per year all contribute to making each Franchise Owner feel heard, understood, and supported in an ongoing manner. Additionally, we were recognized for our positive communication style and the emphasis we place on making sure each Franchise Owner views our field reps as peers rather than supervisors. After all, when you own a Wag N’ Wash pet store franchise, you’re in business for yourself, first and foremost! We provide our Franchise Owners with the tools, advice, and guidance they may need to be successful in their market, but always make it clear that you are your own boss!

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Our frequent check-ins are just the beginning of how Wag N’ Wash field reps are here to support our Franchise Owners. Our unique business model starts and ends with mutual respect- it is essential that we maintain an understanding of your franchise location as an individual unit, and then give you the tools you need to run your Wag N’ Wash pet store franchise in the best way to meet your target audience’s needs. We recognize that no two Wag N’ Wash franchise locations are going to be identical, and we go out of our way to avoid “cookie-cutter syndrome.” You’re an individual with your own personal style of business management, and the people in your neighborhood are just as beautifully unique. Attempting to make each Wag N’ Wash pet store franchise a carbon copy of another is like comparing apples with oranges- it just doesn’t make sense! We are always here to offer guidance when you need it, but are always mindful about providing that support in a way that fits your individual needs.

The Franchise Times write-up also mentioned something we do at Wag N’ Wash to ensure that our Franchise Owners get the most out of their relationship with their designated field rep. We make it a point to assign a rep whose personality and style mesh well with your own. To us, this is an even more important consideration than geographical proximity, as we want to make sure that you will both be getting the most out of your partnership and creating a lasting bond.

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We are honored to have Franchise Times profile Wag N’ Wash for what we consider to be the biggest, most important differences between our pet store franchise and other pet business opportunities that don’t offer the same level of support for their Franchise Owners. We understand that a great deal of field support, positive communication, and quality working relationships are fundamental to the success of each independent Wag N’ Wash pet store franchise location, and we are committed to providing those valuable tools regardless of where you are in the lifecycle of your business. By serving as your business partner as you navigate the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, we are giving you the upper hand against the local competition, and setting you up to achieve more with each passing year.

Are you looking for pet business opportunities that go beyond your expectation of a typical pet store franchise? Wag N’ Wash just may be the right fit for you! We’re expanding across the country as the pet industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. We are seeking like-minded Franchise Owners who love cats and dogs as much as we do, and want to make a rewarding career out of making sure pets get the very best out of life! If you’ve been thinking that owning a pet store or dog grooming franchise sounds like your dream job, we want to talk to you- click here to be directed to our Wag N’ Wash franchise page, or complete the contact form below to take your first step in the pre-qualification process.

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