A Pet Lover’s Opportunity: The Wag n’ Wash Pet Store Franchise

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If you’re anything like us, childhood dream jobs of dog walking, veterinarian, puppy groomer, zoo keeper or professional dog trainer may sound familiar. While you may have given up on these puppy dreams long ago, you’ll be excited to learn there is plenty of career advancement opportunity in the pet industry! If you’re reading this, bored at your desk (and dreaming of being home with your pet), it’s time to jump on a new, tail-waggingly exciting opportunity! Wag n’ Wash is a pet store franchise that is searching for qualified entrepreneurs to grow as professionals in the pet industry.

pet store franchise

An investment in our pet franchise allows you to leave the nine-to-five behind and return to those pet related career dreams of long ago. With the Wag n’ Wash franchise model, you can experience both the benefits of business ownership in a profitable industry and the joy of working with pets all day long.

Pawsitive Points in the Pet Industry

The Pet Industry is currently valued at $96 billion dollars, and Wag n’ Wash operates within several established segments of it. As a provider of healthy dog food, pet retail items, fresh dog bakery treats and professional and self grooming services, we cover all the essentials for pet owners. Even in times of economic downturn, the Pet Industry has historically remained steady (fur babies are never neglected!).

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Here are some other pawsitive points in the pet industry:

Dog Wash Franchise

There are 47.2 Million Cats and 63.4 million dogs in the United States; 68% of all U.S. households have pets.

Pet Franchises

The rate of dog ownership within the United States is growing steadily and pets are considered members of the family, making their care expenses essential.

pet business opportunities

Dogs and cats are absolutely the cutest! (This isn’t necessarily related to the industry persay, but an important fact we wish to share).

pet business opportunities

Projections for 2023 show that the industry could reach $283 billion dollars.

Pet Franchises

Since 2011, spending on pets has increased 7% annually.

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Joining the Wag n’ Wash team is an opportunity to benefit from this prosperous, steady industry. This low-risk pet franchise program offers the rewards of career satisfaction, professional growth, potential financial success and the ability to bring your dog to work everyday.

Pet Business Opportunities

Make Your Dreams Come True with Wag n’ Wash Pet Store Franchise

Other than the amazing fact that being a Wag n’ Wash Pet Store Franchise Owner means having a job that surrounds you with cats and dogs everyday, there are plenty of other great reasons to join our team! These include strong unit economics (a $1.6 million dollar average in annual sales), an incredibly low investment range that covers all start-up costs, a large and loyal customer base, quality products and a community focus.

This opportunity is definitely something to wag your tail about! If you’re ready to get your paw in the door of the incredible Pet Industry, contact Wag n’ Wash today about our pet franchise program.

dog grooming franchise

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