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If you’re interested in owning one of the best pet franchises, why not go with the coolest brand on the block? What began as “one cool place” in 2000 has now expanded to many cool places across the nation. Our expansive growth is due partly to the fact that our concept is unique, fun and offers much more than the competition.

What Makes us
Stand Out

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Brand Loyalty

By making customer service our number one priority (for both 2 and 4 legged customers), we’ve earned strong brand loyalty. Pet owners know to trust us for quality products and they’re quick to spread the word.

Building a strong brand has also allowed us to secure strong relationships with industry suppliers and manufacturers. Our Franchise Owners benefit directly from these relationships with quality inventory at low prices.

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Strong Unit Economics

These numbers will give you something to bark about! On average, our pet franchises bring in $1.6 million in gross revenue annually. With an investment range of $425,050 – $789,350, dedicated Franchise Owners have the potential for ROI and high returns.

pet business opportunities

Booming Industry

At an astounding $96 billion, the Pet Industry is booming. As pet owners view their 4 legged friends as family members, pet spending remains consistent even in times of recession. Starting a pet store franchise is a great way to take advantage of an industry that is both profitable and stable.

pet business opportunities

Community Focus

Through fundraisers, charity events, pet adoptions and donations, Wag n’ Wash works hard to give back to local communities. We are so appreciative of the joy that our pet friends bring to our lives and we find fulfillment in sharing this joy with others. As a Wag n’ Wash Pet Franchise Owner, you’ll have the ability to support the animals and pet lovers in your community.

pet business opportunities

Niche Products

There is a reason that people come to us over PetSmart. Our focus is on niche pet products. Customers love our healthy food options, fresh-baked dog treats, allergen-free washing products and more.

pet business opportunities


What’s the coolest part of owning a Wag n’ Wash? Dogs! Bring yours to work and interact daily with all the furry friends that enter your store. Our pet franchises were made for pets and we encourage all customers to bring along their cats and dogs.

Are You Cool Enough?

So, you’re sold on our “one cool place” pet franchise brand. Getting started is easy, but you may be wondering if you’re cool enough to fit in one of our pet franchises. We are pretty particular about team members, and we look for the following qualities in our Franchise Owners:


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Pet Lover

This one is obvious! If you don’t love dogs, then we probably won’t love you.

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Business Savvy

While we encourage fun, in order to run a successful pet store franchise you need to understand business basics. Organization and quick thinking are invaluable.

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Community Driven

As charity is a large part of our organization, we look to partner with individuals who find fulfillment in connection with their communities.

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