Pet Franchises: An Overview

Pet Franchises

The Opportunity With Our Pet Franchises

It’s anticipated that in the year 2020, $99 billion will be spent on pets. In 2019, the pet industry was at an impressive $95.7 billion. Over the past several years, the bulk of pet spending went towards food and treats. The overall trend of sales within the pet industry is expected to steadily rise in years to come.

Studies show that 70% of Owners will quickly drop a buck to ensure their pet is well cared for, with 30% of consumers being willing to pay extra to get their pet the best products on the market, regardless of pricing.

With 63.4 million households owning a dog, the four-legged canine is by far the favorite among Americans. Cats come in second with 42.7 million households preferring the furry felines. The increasing interest in pet ownership could be due to the fact that consumers today are waiting longer to marry, yet are still in need of companionship. This is especially true with the outbreak of the pandemic that led to animal shelters nationwide seeing a surge in pet adoption rates.

Poised For Success

Promising statistics such as these bode well for a pet supplies franchise like Wag n’ Wash, which meets the public’s demand for specialty treats, premium pet food, grooming services, and various supplies. In fact, Franchise Chatter projects that the fastest growing pet franchises are those that sell all natural, holistic pet foods and offer specialty services. Wag n’ Wash was included among the top 13 best pet franchises of 2020.

We currently have 19 Wag n’ Wash stores in eight different states. If you like the idea of opening your own store and scratching behind the ears of cats and dogs near you, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. If so, here are some qualifiers that describe our ideal candidate:

Animal lover

Strong leadership skills

Community focused

Retail experience

Friendly and outgoing

Detail oriented

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Our purpose is to provide dogs, cats and their humans with an unforgettable experience in a place that cares deeply about their individual needs.

If you’re wanting to take your destiny in your hands and build a successful business by shaking the paws of your customers, then we encourage you to consider a Wag N’ Wash pet franchise.

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A Pet Supplies Franchise to Bark About!

Wag n’ Wash has the potential for robust returns, reaching $1.6 million* in 2019. With availability nationwide, there’s a place for any pet-loving investor who wants to get onboard with our pet supplies franchise. If serving your community and its adorable pets resonates with you, inquire with us today!

*according to 2020 FDD Document

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