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When sorting through all the pet franchise opportunities out there, Wag n’ Wash rises to the top. Not just any pet franchise offers so many perks and benefits. If you’re a pet enthusiast with a strong work ethic who loves to be involved in your community and has a little business know-how, we’d love for you to consider joining us. Getting started is as simple as filling out a short, confidential questionnaire.

Wag N' Wash is an award-winning pet franchise.

What Comes Next?

There are a few steps to clear before you can own one of our pet franchises.

Let's talk about your goals owning a pet franchise.
Initial Call

We’ll get to know you better by talking about your goals and gauging your interest level.

Come see one of the top Wag N' Wash pet franchises in action.

Discovery Day

Assuming the call goes well, you’ll be invited out to our Colorado headquarters to meet the executive team and see a Wag n’ Wash in action.

See if a Wag N' Wash pet franchise is the best fit for you.

Executive Interview

The next step is engaging in a more formal interview to determine whether or not this is the right fit for you.

Understand the pet franchise business model in detail.

FDD Review

Next, you’ll be invited to study the Franchise Disclosure Document to understand our business model in greater detail.

Collaborate with current pet franchise owners.
Peer Meeting

Get together with current Franchise Owners to find out what it’s really like to be in their shoes. In return, they’ll get a feel for your qualifications.

Learn about the Wag N' Wash pet franchise opportunities.

Final Call

In one last phone call, you’ll be able to talk directly with one of our founders to help you further catch the Wag n’ Wash vision.

Once those steps have been cleared, you’re ready to join our pet franchise team!

Leader In the Pet Industry

As you look forward to opening day, you’ll receive an abundance of help through an intensive training program to assist with team management, marketing effectively, handling vendor relations and learning operational systems.

Of all the pet franchise opportunities you might consider, we hope you’ll give this one a second look.

Have a support system while starting your pet franchise.

Interested in our pet franchise opportunities? Learn more about Wag N’ Wash!

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