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As a pet franchise business, we’ve compiled years of research and data to hone in on what locations offer the best pet business opportunities in terms of franchise success. Our findings show that we do well in suburban and urban areas in large and mid-cap size cities where the people have a healthy population of companion pets. According to the U.S Pet Ownership statistics, companion pets comprise of dogs, cats, birds and horses, with dogs leading the pack at 37%.

This begs the question, how do you find out what places have the largest percentage of companion pets? With dogs coming in first at 37%, it’s a good idea to check and see how “dog-friendly” a location is when trying to determine whether or not it would make a good location for a pet business. The more dog-friendly it is, the higher the likelihood of devoted pet owners in the area.

Factors to look out for when looking for dog-friendly locations include:

Pet Business Opportunities

Number of dog parks

Public amenities such as parks are usually built to meet a current or projected community need. An area with a large number of dog parks (measured per 100,000 residents) usually points to the fact that the neighborhood has a high dog population. More dogs equals dog owners who signal the potential success of a pet business in that area.

Number of dog-friendly shopping areas

With the rise of pet ownership, more and more businesses are lifting the ban on allowing pets other than service animals in stores. A location with a high number of such stores is ideal for flourishing pet supplies franchise.

Number of dog-friendly restaurants

Much like shopping areas, the number of restaurants that allow you to bring in your dog are becoming increasingly popular. Some dog friendly restaurants even offer a few pet options on the menu. The more establishments like this there are in a neighborhood, the higher the likelihood of pet owners who would likely visit a pet bakery for handmade treats for their pets.


As the name suggests, walkability measures how friendly an area is to walking. The more walkability an area has, the more likely its human population has a high number of dog-owners. Walkability doesn’t just refer only to hiking trails and mountain paths, urban areas can be considered walkable too with New York leading the pack. Other signs of a place’s walkability include pedestrian design (i.e. streets designed to encourage walking) and complete streets (i.e. streets that accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and motorists). Some notable walkable cities include Chicago, Seattle, Portland all of which are great candidates for a pet supplies franchise.
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Affordable, great customer service and lots of fun to do with your pup! No appointment needed and no wait time… and is a fun way to kill an hour or two on your day off to get out of the house! Especially convenient for big dog owners, having a tub at your level that you don’t have to lean over and a big mess you get to leave behind rather than spend the day cleaning up your bathroom makes all the difference.

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If given the choice, most dogs and their owners enjoy time spent outside either running, walking or hiking. The more a place’s weather is conducive to these activities,  the more likely it is that the place is dog-friendly. This creates a perfect environment for our pet franchises.
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