Opening One of our Pet Franchises is Almost as Rewarding as Owning a Pet

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Most households in the United States have at least one pet and the cats vs. dogs debate is likely to never reach a conclusion. While most of the reasons for are pet obsession are obvious – soft fur, cute faces, unconditional love – multiple studies shows that our pet companions may actually change our lives for the better.

The CDC and other resources have outlined proven ways that pets benefit our lives, including:

Pet Franchises

Stress Reduction

The rise of support animals is not just a fad. Studies have proven that simply being around a pet can reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Those big puppy eyes that make your heart melt are better than the stress-reliever ball that sits mockingly on your desk. Owning one of our pet franchises is a great way to tap into the stress-relieving benefits of pets. With a Wag n’ Wash business, you’ll be surrounded by pets all day everyday. Our pet franchises are opportunities to throw that stress relieving ball out the window and bring your dog to work with you!

Pet Franchises

Better Overall Health

Pet’s don’t just reduce stress levels – they also decrease feelings of loneliness, lower blood pressure, and encourage exercise. While we can’t guarantee owning a Wag n’ Wash eliminates your need for an annual physical, we think the positive benefits associated with pets can make an astonishing impact.

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Increased Socialization

 As a dog owner, you’re part of a large network of other pet-loving individuals. Whether you’re playing fetch at the dog park or stopping in for a routine vet check up, spending time with your pet inevitably brings you into contact with others who love animals. If dogs and pet-loving people are your kind of crowd, why not consider an investment into Wag n’ Wash? As the Owner of one of our pet business opportunities, you’ll constantly be networking and communicating with the animal loving individuals of your community. In addition to running a prosperous business, you’ll also have the chance to make lifelong friends.

pet business opportunities

If you’re looking for a career that is almost as rewarding as pet ownership, Wag n’ Wash is your answer. Owning one of our pet business opportunities is the simplest way to share your passion for animals with your community. Wag n’ Wash pet franchises brand is defined by high quality products and services. As pet lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of healthy food, fun toys, and clean coats. Each of our franchise locations offers customers a chance to spoil, feed, wash, and love their pets. We are looking for qualified entrepreneurs that are invested in sharing our passion for pets across the nation.

Wag N' Wash Franchise Owners get to blend their work days with the enjoyment of being surrounded by lovable, cuddly companions all the time.

Hear Franchise Owners explain their experiences and how Wag N' Wash turned their work days into play days.

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Are you ready to spend your days surrounded by wagging tails and puppy eyes? As a pet-lover, you already understand the benefits that animals bring to your life. With our pet business opportunities you can bring your passion together with your future.

To learn more about starting a career with our pet franchises program, contact us today.

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