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Be it our customers, their pets, or our Franchise Owners, we take care of our own here at Wag N’ Wash. For our pet store franchise, this means giving back to the local community. So, in typical Wag N’ Wash fashion, we decided to host a dental care tutorial for our customers in partnership with local veterinarians. An article from local Colorado Springs publication, The Gazette, highlighted the tutorial and its key takeaways for pet owners.

As a Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner, these kinds of events are not uncommon at your pet store franchise. Being pet owners ourselves, it’s common for us to see dental issues in our four legged friends, many of which can be easily avoided. Our Colorado Springs location hosted local veterinarian Dr. Anna Norman who took us through the entire dental cleaning process for our customers. 


Per the article, the dental cleaning process involves eight streamlined steps, 


Before the dental cleaning process starts, the oral cavity is rinsed with 0.12% Chlorhexidine to decrease bacteria in the mouth.


A sharp, sterile scaler removes all the calculus from every tooth.


Curettes are used to remove plaque and calculus from below the gum line.


After all the tartar has been removed each tooth is probed for pocket depth to identify gum disease.


All of the identifiable disease present before treatment is recorded. If necessary, we will refer you to your vet.


No matter how careful we are during the scaling/curettage phase of teeth cleaning, minor micro abrasions of the tooth surface occur. Polishing smooths out the defects and removes any plaque missed during previous steps.


After polishing the teeth we rinse the mouth out with oral rinse solution.


The vet will explain everything they found and discuss a treatment plan. She can dispense antibiotics and advise you to follow up with your veterinarian for additional procedures if needed. If you give them your email they will send you a notice when your next cleaning is due.”

After her instruction, Dr. Norman, along with some of our local staff and Franchise Owners hosted a Q & A session with customers and discussed some of the premises of our Wag N’ Wash pet store franchise. 

Now that we’ve shown you how we take care of our customers and their pets, we might as well show you how we take care of our Franchise Owners. As a Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner, we offer you a variety of benefits that simply cannot be found in a typical career. For starters, you have the potential to realize tremendous growth and profitability. In 2019 alone, our franchises saw average gross revenues of $1,600,972* with our top location earning $1,981,115!* With an initial investment starting at $425,000 and only $200,000 required in liquid capital, one can see the potential behind this investment.

Better yet, when you own a pet store franchise with Wag N’ Wash, you get to be your own boss! What exactly does this mean? It means working when you want to, setting your own schedule, and taking time off when you need it. The days of sitting in the cubicle waiting for the clock to strike five are over. As a Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner, you get to organize your day around your clock and do things your way. 

More than anything, however, owning a Wag N’ Wash pet store franchise is fun! On a daily basis, you get to be with pets and their owners and help them to enjoy their relationship as best they can. As we said earlier, our Franchise Owners are leaders within their communities, meaning they get to know and interact with local customers, as well as their pets! Who wouldn’t want to be with dogs every day? Additionally, we like to give back to our customers and our local communities through our various charitable and rewards programs. At the end of the day, our Franchise Owners not only feel fulfilled but are some of the happiest people that you’ll ever meet!

So what are you waiting for? Find the career you’ve always wanted, owning a pet store franchise and being alongside animals every day! We’re currently offering franchising opportunities to qualified individuals within tons of markets across the country. If this sounds like something that would interest you, visit our franchising site today.

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*Numbers obtained from Item 19 of our 2020 FDD


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