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Pet Franchise Opportunities: Love your Job

If you think “love,” “your,” and “job” used in the same sentence only happens in dreams, we would have agreed with you, once! Luckily, we have found that dreams do come true with pet franchise opportunities. Wag N’ Wash, a pet grooming and bakery business, is a $1.5 million annual franchise opportunity. As the $96 billion pet is industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, we are looking for Franchise Owner to join our pet friendly business as we paw our way across the nation.

pet franchise opportunities
“We set our financial goals high, committed ourselves 110% and we achieved our goals in less time than we planned. Our growth was organic and everyday gets easier and easier. We now have two locations and can’t wait to continue to grow our Wag N’ Wash business.”
Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner
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Low Risk, High Reward

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Joining the Wag N’ Wash team brings you the best of the pet franchise opportunities. We stand out from our competitors as a differentiated business model with four streams of revenue: retail, bakery, self-service wash, and full-service grooming. Our customers love that they can find all of their pet needs in one store. The multi-billion dollar pet industry has seen explosive growth and has remained consistent year after year, proving recession resistant. With an industry low initial investment of $425,050 – $789,350, you can expect a quick ROI followed by healthy sales.

Pet food sales alone accounts for $23 billion of the annual revenue in pet business opportunities, and Wag N’ Wash capitalizes on this in various ways. We have a large selection of healthy dog foods available in our retail section and all of our locations have an in-house bakery. All of our bakery treats are made using human grade ingredients – our two legged customers approve of the quality and our four legged customers approve of the taste. By providing quality products and services, Wag N’ Wash has remained a leader in pet franchise opportunities for the past two decades.

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Our purpose? Provide dogs, cats and their humans with an unforgettable experience in a place that cares deeply about their individual needs.

If you want to take your destiny in your hands and build a successful business by shaking the paws of your customers, then we encourage you to consider a Wag N’ Wash pet franchise.

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Wag N’ Wash: A Recognized Brand Among Pet Franchise Opportunities

It is easy to get overwhelmed when researching all the available pet franchise opportunities – how do you know which one is the best? In any franchise investment, it is always a good idea to place your bet with a recognized brand. Twenty years in pet business opportunities has allowed Wag N’ Wash to create both a sustainable business model and larger customer following. Customers continually choose us over our competitors for our quality and healthy products, diverse grooming services (DIY or full service), and our strong customer service values. The demand for Wag N’ Wash is high; we currently have 18 open locations and we are expanding rapidly across the nation.

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By investing in Wag N’ Wash, you get the rights to our nationally recognized brand. Not only does this guarantee you a customer base, but we will also train you to ensure your success! The strength of our brand is determined by the strength of our locations, and we work hard to make sure every one of our franchise owners does well. We will train you and your staff, host annual meetings, assist with marketing and advertising, and we offer ongoing support. To learn more about your pet-friendly future with Wag N’ Wash, call us today.

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