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With the holiday season upon us, we know that many pet owners have plans to include their furry friends in their holiday festivities. At Wag N’ Wash, we want to ensure that pets stay safe and celebrate safely while also having fun. FOX 21’s Lauren McDonald took Fox News to the Wag N’ Wash location in Monument, Colorado to demonstrate to viewers how pet owners can ensure their pets celebrate safely during the holiday season. 

Before diving into the tips and tricks of pet safety, General Manager Alex Culbertson gave McDonald a tour of the location, detailing the specific features of our pet store franchise like the in-house bakery and grooming services. 

For pets that feel increased anxiety from the bustling fun that comes with the holidays, Wag N’ Wash has the tools you need to aid your furry friends. Firstly, Culbertson and McDonald discussed how to navigate the anxiety and stress that pets feel with the influx of people and food at large gatherings. Depending on the situation, there are multiple tools you can use to alleviate your pet’s stress. At Wag N’ Wash, we carry treats that you can offer to your furry friends that help decrease the anxiety while also not stifling their appetite. Our pet store franchise also carries lick deterrent to protect the paws of pets who lick their paws when they are nervous, all natural anxiety aiding relief, and CBD treats. For older arthritic dogs who get really stressed out about the motion with the holiday season, CBD treats can effectively ease the commotion. 

So, how does one know what foods pets should stay away from to avoid the unexpected trip to the vet? You would be surprised to hear that many of the foods we think are safe to eat can actually be detrimental to your pet’s health! For example, we may see stuffing as perfectly normal, but there could be possible ingredients that don’t agree with your dog’s stomachs. With turkey bones as well, there lies the possibility of encountering splintered shards of bone. Culbertson gives one piece of advice: “If you’re not sure about giving them something, don’t”. Wag N’ Wash’s full bakery also is a great option for those looking for food that is guaranteed to be safe for your pets. All of Wag N’ Wash’s treats are baked right in-store! They are all oriented towards dogs health to be better suited for them, and the ingredients are all human grade. 

Looking for presents to gift your furry friends? Our pet store franchise knows that not every dogs and cats are the same, so we have a wide variety of items to cater to every need. Wag N’ Wash carries jackets, knowing that many dogs are not accustomed to the winter weather in Colorado, so jackets can be very helpful. We also offer carrier cases if you travel, boots if you like hiking through the winter, and bandanas to accentuate your dog’s personality. Toys and chews are also a fan favorite time and time again. 

What would Culbertson offer as his top tip for pet safety in this time of year? Prepare for the winter weather by keeping your pets well insulated and warm. The weather, especially in Colorado, can get very dry and icy, causing damage to your pet’s paws. Our pet store franchise carries many different items to prevent this from happening or heal the damage already done.

To view the original article and video, CLICK HERE! Interested in getting involved with a pet store franchise that loves giving back to its community? Becoming a Franchise Owner with Wag N’ Wash could be the perfect opportunity for you! Visit our franchise page to learn more about what Wag N’ Wash does, what qualities a great Franchise Owner possesses, and why you should join the Wag N’ Wash family!

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