Is a Pet Store Franchise Profitable?

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If you’re planning on making a career change, there is a lot to consider. You’ll want to choose an industry that aligns with your interests, and something that promises professional growth and future stability. The most important thing to consider, however, is profit. How much do you want to make to live comfortably?

If you’re a dog lover who has shown interest in a pet store franchise, don’t get discouraged thinking a pet business couldn’t promise a high salary.

The Pet Industry – A Closer Look

pet business opportunities

Projected to reach $96 billion by 2020.

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Pet owners consider their companion animals family members and are always willing to spend money on their care. Studies show that, on average, dog owners spend around $1,641 and cat owners about $1,125 per year on pet care.

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The fastest growing segment of the pet industry is natural foods as pet owners are becoming more and more concerned about the health of their animals.

dog grooming franchise

Pet services are considered essential to the American public. No matter the state of the economy, people with pets will always need to purchase food, medicines, treats and grooming products for their companion animals.

So, if you are wondering whether pet stores are profitable, the answer is yes. While making a living by hanging out with dogs all day may seem like an impossible dream, we at Wag n’ Wash are here to tell you that this dream can come true.

Still don’t believe us? On average, our pet store franchises bring in $1.6 million annually. And yes, you can bring your dog to work.

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Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owners get to blend their work days with the enjoyment of being surrounded by lovable, cuddly companions all the time.

Hear Franchise Owners explain their experiences and how Wag N’ Wash turned their work days into play days.

dog grooming franchise

Why Wag n’ Wash

If you’re excited about profit and dogs, you’ll be a great fit. Here are some other reasons Wag n’ Wash is a great pet store franchise to invest in:

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Highly Demanded Products – As consumers become more concerned with health, this extends to the lives of pets. Pet owners want the best for their animals, just as they want the ebay for themselves. High quality food products, fresh baked treats and allergen free shampoos are in high demand, and we’ve got all of that available in our stores!

Plenty of Opportunity for Sales – In order to provide our customers with everything they need, Wag n’ Wash has four core offerings – retail products (food, toys, etc.), professional grooming, DIY wash station and doggy bakery. This means four unique streams of revenue for our Franchise Owners and plenty of tail wagging for our four legged customers.

Our Customers Love Us – We have worked hard to create a fun environment where people can shop and bring their pups along. Because we provide customers with everything they need in one location and high quality products, they’re more likely to stick with us.

Our Pet Business Opportunities

Excited in all that Wag n’ Wash has to offer? Whether it’s economic stability, high profits or simply working with dogs that excites you, we think that our pet store franchise is a great opportunity for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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