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It’s no mystery that 2020 has been a difficult year for us all, especially our healthcare heroes who have been on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. Many of these heroes are pet owners themselves, so we decided to reward them a bit with our August Healthcare Heroes event. Giving back is a big part of our mission here at Wag N’ Wash and we wanted our heroes to get the whole experience at the best pet franchise around! A recent video from Fox 21 News highlighted our event with Field Training Manager Rachel Cloutier from our Colorado Springs location.

Many people have been asking us at Wag N’ Wash, “What inspired you to host this event?” Well more than anything, our Healthcare Heroes Event was our way of saying THANK YOU to all of those who have worked non-stop over these past months to keep us safe. We know that their pets have been extra lonely during their owners’ long hours and we wanted to make sure that both pets and owners got the reward that they deserved! In the words of Rachel, “The least we can do [for our Healthcare Heroes] is try and treat you and your pet to a nice spa day when you have some time off to spend together.” 

A “spa day” is exactly how many would describe their trip to the best pet franchise during Healthcare Heroes Appreciation Week, as we made sure that every hero and their dog received a free dog wash. We provided everything that owners needed to clean their pets including towels and treats and made sure that they each had plenty of time to get their pooch nice and clean! Furthermore, we provided every healthcare worker with a special ‘Thank You’ treat bag as a token of our gratitude.

While community involvement is not always something that comes with franchise ownership, it is a big part of being a Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner and something that truly makes us the best pet franchise around! Owning a Wag N’ Wash is more than just another business venture. It’s a way for our Owners to get involved with those around them and to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners within the places that they call home. Our Franchise Owners are more than just entrepreneurs – they are leaders in their communities and get to forge lasting relationships with pets and their owners every day. As a result, our Franchise Owners receive a sense of daily fulfillment and have a passion for their careers that can seldom be found anywhere else.

Aside from fulfillment, our Franchise Owners enjoy a variety of other benefits that cannot be found in a typical career. For starters, they have the potential to realize tremendous profitability. In 2019, our Franchise Owners saw average gross revenues of $1,600,972* with our top location earning $1,981,155*. That’s a lot of biscuits! Furthermore, our stores offer a variety of products and services that provide a plethora of different revenue streams for our Franchise Owners. With an initial investment of $425,050 – $789,350, one can see the potential for a quick return on investment and a streamlined path to profits.

Our Franchise Owners also enjoy a tremendous work/life balance that a corporate career cannot offer. As an owner of the best pet franchise, you get to be your own boss and work for yourself. The days of sitting in a cubicle waiting for the clock to strike 5 are over! At Wag N’ Wash, you set your own hours and work when you want to. This means taking off time off when you need it and plenty of time for lunch! Our Franchise Owners get to spend more time with their families and can take vacations when they’d like to. It’s no wonder that they’re some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet!

Additionally, our Franchise Owners have a team behind them that primes them for long term success and helps them through the thick and thin of owning a business. This includes finding real estate, pushing marketing efforts, training new employees, or expanding the reach of their business. The corporate support team is there for our Franchise Owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our Franchise Owners rest easy knowing that they are always taken care of!

So what’re you waiting for? Finding the career you’ve always wanted owning the best pet franchise around! Visit our Franchising site for more information.

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*Numbers obtained from Item 19 of our 2020 FDD


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