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Make your Dream Career a Reality

If you work in a field you are not passionate about, life can become mundane. Working in the corporate world is tiring, clocking in and clocking out for menial pay and unlimited vacation time. The Founders of Wag N’ Wash understand this sentiment well, as it is what led them both to quit their corporate jobs and create a career that allowed them to spend more time with their favorite furry friend, Geni. What started as a simple self-serve dog wash and doggy bakery did so well that the two Founders decided to franchise their business – Wag N’ Wash is now one of the leading pet business opportunities out there. What started as a dream of a fun, lucrative career quickly became a reality. You can make this dream career your reality too, as Wag N’ Wash is looking for new Franchisees!

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Pet Business Opportunities and Career Growth

Wag N’ Wash is one of the many pet business opportunities in the $96 billion annual pet business industry. With 20+ years in the industry, Wag N’ Wash has built a sustainable business model that is pet approved! Unlike single-revenue pet business opportunities, Wag N’ Wash has 4 streams of revenue: retail, bakery, self-service wash, and full service grooming. This differentiation has allowed Franchise Owners to bring in huge financial gains – pet food sales alone represent $23 billion of the industry. Wag N’ Wash’s wide range of services and products allows customers to do all of their shopping in one place, which makes us stand out from competitors.

All of our current Franchise Owners have experienced a quick ROI and explosive sales – our AUV is over $1.6 million. This level of revenue is consistent as well, as the pet industry has proven to be recession-resilient – many pet owners see their cats and dogs as “fur babies” and won’t sacrifice their needs, even in times of economic stress. You can take part in this lucrative pet business opportunity with a low initial investment of $425,050 – $789,350. Not only is Wag N’ Wash a low risk, high reward opportunity, it is also a chance to experience career growth in pet franchise opportunities.

“We set our financial goals high, committed ourselves 110% and we achieved our goals in less time than we planned. Our growth was organic and everyday gets easier and easier. We now have two locations and can’t wait to continue to grow our Wag N’ Wash business.”
Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner
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Franchising for the Future

The capital gains you earn as a Wag N’ Wash Owner will certainly open many doors (multiple franchise locations, new business investments, early retirement), but there are other gains that money cannot buy. The knowledge you learn as a Franchise Owner is priceless career experience that will prepare you for many future opportunities. Pet franchise opportunities teach you management skills, sales and production, marketing, finanching, and other essential skills. No matter how long your time is with Wag N’ Wash, the knowledge you gain is with you forever.

Investing in Wag N’ Wash is an investment in one of the most successful pet business opportunities – in other words, a chance to make a lot of money hanging out with cats and dogs all day. If you’re ready to learn more about your future with Wag N’ Wash, give us a call today for more information.

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