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What you need for your new dog

On Sunday morning, CBS Phoenix’s Good Morning Arizona featured Steve and Rich Strauss from the Phoenix Wag N’ Wash location. Steve and Rich highlighted some products to share with puppy-expecting families. These were displayed to make pet-owners more aware of the modern advancements for a healthy and happy pet.

Products included the famous Wag N’ Wash bakery treats, fun collars, and mind stimulating toys.  The special booties for heat-stricken areas like Arizona were emphasized so canines will not burn their paws on walks. Another was biodegradable and plastic-recycled poop-bags. By bagging dog waste, it prevents the spread of disease and also eliminates debris in our environment. Additionally, a special dog brush was distinguished for loose fur removal that otherwise ends up on the floor, in the car, or on clothes.

Rich states that at Wag N’ Wash, all pet-related concerns will be taken care of.

“We’ll help you with everything. Any questions you have, food, any of the stuff, we will get you to the right stuff for your dog.”

To learn more, stop by a Wag N’ Wash or view the whole clip HERE.