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Meet our Wag N’ Wash President Rob Flanagan! In this video, Rob takes you through how our dog wash franchise supports our franchise owners through our field support representatives, Cradle-to-Success program, and annual reunion and awards ceremony. 

“Wag N’ Wash is such a special business to so many people because Dan Remus and Jef Strauss, the co founders of Wag N’ Wash, did an amazing job of instilling this culture for the company,” Rob states. “What it really comes down to is that everything we do is about enhancing the lives of companion animals across the planet.”

Our dog wash franchise is committed to offering the best support for our franchise owners, and Rob explains how his personal experience with field support influenced how Wag N’ Wash handles providing a personalized type of franchising support. “My philosophy on support is really driven from my background in franchising,” Rob explains. “I started out as a field support representative, and I remember this time when I had forty franchisees underneath my umbrella. It was just impossible to give them the support that I felt that they deserved. So here at Wag N’ Wash, we do it a little bit differently. We commit to our franchisees that a field support rep is not going to have more than fifteen franchisees underneath their umbrella. The reason that is so important to us is that when it comes to franchise support and franchisee relationships, it’s based on trust. That’s the foundation of everything that we do. You can’t have that support if you’re not able to support the franchisee through the highest level that’s possible.”

At Wag N’ Wash, we also want to make sure that we offer guidance through all stages of your business. Rob discusses our “Cradle-to-Success program”, which offers close support from welcome call to opening and beyond. “Once you sign a franchise agreement with us, you’re immediately put into what we call the Cradle-to-Success program,” Rob states. “It is a giant checklist that not only goes from the very first point when you sign the agreement, but it goes out ten years to the end of your franchise agreement. What we do with that Cradle-to-Success is that we go through every single part of the process. Real estate, construction and build out, operational support for opening your store. More importantly, after you open, we’re deriving our support towards profitability through marketing and operational tactics.”

Finally, our annual conference for franchise owners provides a great opportunity for community involvement and team building.  This reunion presents an chance for franchise owners to collaborate, learn different tactics from one another, and discuss goals for the future. “One of the questions I always get from any kind of franchisees is asking about the community involvement. The way we really try to build that up is through our annual conferences. Our theme for any kind of annual reunion is ‘Return on Time’.” Our “Return on Time” theme refers to tactics that franchise owners can immediately implement in their business to drive sales and profitability. Rob describes, “it’s a way for franchisees to come in, network with their fellow franchisees, and build up that community, but also most importantly, receive a lot of different training and sales tactics that you can bring right back to your business immediately to help drive profitability.”

So, who are we looking for to join the strong team of franchise owners with our dog wash franchise? “As a new franchise owner, some of the things we’re looking for, of course, is the love of companion animals. But the other component that is equally important is a sense of ownership in your own destiny,” Rob claims. “You’re running your own business, and we really want to partner with folks who can find that balance of rolling around on the floor with dogs during the day, but also being able to look at the unit economics of your business and driving that profitability.”

If you’re looking for pet business opportunities that offer strong and continuous support throughout your franchising journey, Wag N’ Wash could be the perfect opportunity for you. Click HERE to visit our franchise page, where you can learn all about our dog wash franchise and why YOU should get involved!

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