How Does Wag N’ Wash Differ From Other Pet Shop Franchises?

Pet Shop Franchises

Different Kind of Pet Franchise

Wag N’ Wash is a different kind of franchise. We have surrounded ourselves with devoted individuals who not only enjoy making a great living, but also are determined to improve the lives of their companion pets and those around them. Wag N’ Wash isn’t only proven to be successful for pet shop Franchise Owners, but for their communities as well.

Hear From The Experts

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Franchise Brand Loyalty

Through a relentless approach to outstanding customer service Wag N’ Wash has become one of the most trusted names in pet retail among the communities in which we operate. According to market research from Rosetta, brands that enjoy brand loyalty such as Wag N’ Wash typically see their customers purchase 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction, and are 5 times more likely to indicate they will only purchase from that brand in the future.

After decades of building relationships with industry suppliers and manufacturers, these relationships now provide Franchise Owners with Grade-A pricing to which independent Owners do not have access, and allow us to pass these savings along to our customers.

Team members that staff our locations are professionally and diligently trained in all products that we sell so that every customer can be provided expert answers to their questions. Along with decades of experience in the industry, our expertise gives us a competitive advantage.

We’ve got Multiple revenue streams

We’re not an average dog grooming franchise. Unlike most independent pet stores that just sell food, Wag N’ Wash combines retail goods with self-service wash stations, full service grooming, and an in-house bakery to fulfill all of our customers needs under one roof.

We have unique products and services that are proprietary to our brand, and we only offer the highest quality pet foods and products. Our pet shop franchise has yet to see competition that replicates our boutique feel with quality products for a reasonable price.

Dog Wash Franchise

Those We Love

The Wag N’ Wash pet shop franchise was founded on the premise of spending more time with those we love, not only people, but the animals that have become family. We know that without support from our community, our pet store franchise would never be what it is today. An integral piece of our business model is giving back to the community, and is a core value we look for in our Franchise Owners.

Interested in our dog grooming franchise? Learn why Wag N’ Wash is the ideal pet shop franchise for you!

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