Pet Product News, an outlet for press and original content in the Pet Product and Lifestyle category, recently covered Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery for the deployment of advanced customer loyalty technologies. These changes are needed to provide a better user experience and extend the visitor lifetime value. More specifically, Pet Product News highlighted the company through its renewed, sales-responsive customer loyalty program – an extension of the already industry-leading corporate support offered by Wag N’ Wash.

The program is expected to improve customer retention and maintain, if not increase, total purchase amounts by frequent and repeat customers.

About the Program

pet-franchise-businessAccording to the release by Pet Product News, the recently introduced customer loyalty program analyzes consumer interactions and better prioritizes the items and services most important to each individual guest. This comes from a statement by company officials.

Upgraded Loyalty Provides A VIP Experience

The news piece highlights the VIP Loyalty Program. The updated customer loyalty program recognizes guests under multiple purchasing criteria, including total purchase amount. For pet owners who have repeat visits, the total transaction amount is used to help funnel transactions of equal and higher totals, according to sources familiar with the program. Pet Product News, while interviewing company officials about the loyalty program, put it like this:

“When guests spend $300 dollars they earn a $10 voucher for their next purchase. In addition, guests receive the 11th bag of pet food for free after purchasing 10 of the same family and size. Loyal customers will also receive special offers throughout the year.”

A Market Based Approach

Company officials have confirmed the program’s newest features are designed and hosted by Insight out of Chaos, a Miami-based database marketing company. The advancements allow Franchise Owners with Wag N’ Wash to record and follow the trends of their customers through the renewed marketing platform, company officials said. By utilizing the data collected by existing CRM tools, updates to the Wag N’ Wash loyalty program will provide more guests with tailored deals, vouchers, and coupons relating to their recurring companion’s needs and wants.

In addition, the updates can help continue and increase ticket totals and develop a better architecture for purchasing behavior.

“We wanted to create a program that first and foremost said ‘thank you’ to our guests.” – Robert Flanagan, president of Wag N’ Wash.

Rob goes on. “They are the ones that make us the destination for their companion’s needs, whether it’s for the self-wash, bakery items or for accessories. The information we can gather with the help of Insight Out of Chaos is instrumental in the process of providing better support for our guests and further allows us to tailor offers to the specific needs of the guest.”

Current Customer Loyalty Program

According to individuals familiar with the program, there are currently 159,000 Wag N’ Wash guests signed up for the Wag Card. The versatility of the program to identify customer needs has never been as keen as it is now.

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