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Good Morning Arizona Features Wag N’ Wash

Good Morning Arizona Features Wag N’ Wash

What you need for your new dog

On Sunday morning, CBS Phoenix’s Good Morning Arizona featured Steve and Rich Strauss from the Phoenix Wag N’ Wash location. Steve and Rich highlighted some products to share with puppy-expecting families. These were displayed to make pet-owners more aware of the modern advancements for a healthy and happy pet.

Products included the famous Wag N’ Wash bakery treats, fun collars, and mind stimulating toys.  The special booties for heat-stricken areas like Arizona were emphasized so canines will not burn their paws on walks. Another was biodegradable and plastic-recycled poop-bags. By bagging dog waste, it prevents the spread of disease and also eliminates debris in our environment. Additionally, a special dog brush was distinguished for loose fur removal that otherwise ends up on the floor, in the car, or on clothes.

Rich states that at Wag N’ Wash, all pet-related concerns will be taken care of.

“We’ll help you with everything. Any questions you have, food, any of the stuff, we will get you to the right stuff for your dog.”

To learn more, stop by a Wag N’ Wash or view the whole clip HERE.

Redmond 2nd of 15 Planned Stores

Redmond 2nd of 15 Planned Stores

New Wag N’ Wash in Redmond Part of 15-Store Expansion Plan

At The Village at Redmond Ridge on 23535 NE Novelty Hill Road – Suites D-304 & D-306, stands the new Wag N’ Wash store-front. This location opened and owned by Rose Baeza, is the second to come to the Seattle area. The first opened in April in Queen Anne.

Rose Baeza was a financial Manager at Microsoft, but after some time and thought, her passion for pets became clear.

“Redmond is my home and I’m thrilled to bring the brand to the Eastside where I can provide much needed convenience to members of my community wanting to take excellent care of their pet companions.”

To learn more, click HERE.

Cheers to you, Rose.

Dog Toys Can Make for Easy Add-On Sales

Dog Toys Can Make for Easy Add-On Sales

How to make Dog Toys Profitable

As many consumers want the most for their pets, toys are high on the list. However, there are so many different dog-toy items available on the market today, it is difficult to choose the right one.

Our expert at Wag N’ Wash, Abe Dunaway, has a say in the matter:

“Customers, particularly those with puppies, want something that will hold up to their dog’s physical demands as well as challenge them mentally. For any breed of dog, puzzle toys are a great way to promote brain development in puppies, keep up mental stimulation in older dogs, regulate calorie intake when used as a feeder for overweight dogs, or help entertain a dog stuck inside on a rainy or snowy day. Our customers are also interested in locally sourced products and supporting small business.”

Follow these guidelines and turn those silly toys into a healthy cha-ching in your pocket.

To read more, click HERE.

Summer Pet Safety on Fox21 Morning News

Wag N’ Wash Offers Tips to Keep Pets Safe

As summer is nearing its end, pets need to be paid special attention to ensure their safety. When featured on Colorado’s Fox21 Morning New, Wag N’ Wash’s expert employees  had some advice!

  • Keep pets sun-protected
  • Leave pets at home and not in the car
  • give pets access to water for summer hydration
  • shave pets that should be shaved and leave pets alone who should not be

Thanks Wag N’ Wash for the helpful tips!

Click HERE to view the whole segment.

Wag N’ Wash – Newest Location in Dallas

Wag N’ Wash – Newest Location in Dallas

Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery Set for Dallas / Fort Worth Expansion

Get your furry friends ready for some Texan fun! Wag N’ Wash is set to open its first location in the metropolitan area in September; however, it is expected that 8 – 10 other locations will open in the area over the next few years. Wag N’ Wash’s  newest location will be found at 9138 North Tarrant Parkway in North Richland Hills, Texas.

The proud new owners, Carol and Carl Tanner, are overly enthusiastic about this new business opportunity. To them, this is a franchising dream because they can work while fulfilling their passion for pets.

“There are a lot of other great pet food stores in the area,” Carl said. “They do a fantastic job, they’re very well educated, have a great staff, but they don’t have the self-wash, or they don’t have the bakery, or they don’t have the full service grooming. What sets us apart is we’re an all-in-one.”

Find our newest featured article on to learn more!

Dog Toys Can Make for Easy Add-On Sales

Wag N’ Wash Featured on Pet Product News International

Wag N’ Wash Natural Food and Bakery was recently featured in Pet Product News International! The article is titled “One Cool Place. from fresh baked goodies and natural foods to full-service grooming, Wag N’ Wash has what it takes to keep customs coming back.”

The feature begins with a little back story highlighting the co-founders, Dan Remus and Jeff Strauss, and their journey from the corporate world to business ownership with the first Wag N’ Wash location in Colorado Springs; and ultimately the 5 corporate locations and 12 franchise location system that Wag N’ Wash is today. It then delves into the evolution of the Wag N’ Wash business model, which started out as a small 1,500 sq ft self-wash and in-house bakery and transitioned into a full-line pet supply store where customers can bring their companions animals and “wash ’em, feed ’em and spoil ’em all in one cool place.” All Wag N’ Wash stores provide grooming services, a dog wash, bakery and deli treats, pet supplies, and all-natural food and supplements.

“Our biggest differentiator is the experience offered to our guests” – Dan Remus, Wag N’ Wash Co-Founder

What sets Wag N’ Wash apart from their competitors? The main differentiator is the customer experience. “There is nothing secret about what we do; our goods and services can be found in some shape or form with our competitors, but we spotlight an experience that our guests want to repeat. It’s the level of education of our staff members and the look and feel of our stores that make a visit to Wag N’ Wash not only pleasant, but fun.” Says Remus.

Additionally, all Wag N’ Wash franchise locations are locally owned and operated, and franchisees are highly encouraged to be involved in the community by providing support to local nonprofits, hosting adoption days, and getting involved in various fundraising events.

“The response from the community has been amazing. We have some big-box pet retailers nearby, but people want to support local business and have commented on our customer service and the overall atmosphere of our store.” – Laura Armstrong Leder, Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner

Wag N’ Wash Franchise owner, Laura Armstrong Leder, is interviewed and speaks about her transition from farm life to business ownership, the startup of her Wag N’ Wash business, and how Wag N’ Wash has exceeded her expectations.

The conclusion is a short Q&A with Dan Remus and Jeff Strauss where they talk about the trends, challenges, and future of Wag N’ Wash and the pet retail world.

Click Here to view the full article.