Wag N’ Wash Ranked in Gator Top 100 Franchises!

Wag N’ Wash Ranked in Gator Top 100 Franchises!

Pet Franchises

Franchise Gator has ranked pet franchise Wag N’ Wash at number 97 in its top 100 franchises of 2019! Franchise Gator chooses its top franchises based on a variety of factors, such as financial stability, growth, transparency, engagement, continuity and sustainability. Here are some of the specific reasons as to why Wag N’ Wash chosen out of hundreds of other franchise candidates!

1. Multiple Revenue Streams – Wag N’ Wash offers Franchise Owners four different revenue streams, including nutritious and natural pet food, retail items such as shampoo and accessories, grooming services,  and self-service dog washing.

2. Selective Approach – The two most popular types of pets are dogs and cats, which is why we have chosen to focus exclusively on these two types of animals! This allows us to perfectly cater our services and train our employees to know all the specifics!

3. Fun on the Job – When owning a Wag N’ Wash, Franchise Owners are able to work with pets all day! Loving your job is important to us, which is why our slogan is “Love what you do, do what you love.”

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    WNW Discusses Financing Philosophy

    WNW Discusses Financing Philosophy

    It’s no secret that becoming a Franchise Owner for an up-and-coming franchise company can present a few problems.

    One factor that many people don’t consider is the financing aspect of the business. Both Franchisors and Franchise Owners need to carefully consider their options when looking for banks to support them when investing in a business.

    Many brands can barely keep their heads above water when there is a lack of capital, which leads to them to being forced to sign under-qualified candidates to help with funding the organization’s growth. This can be problematic as it can hurt the success of the franchise organization, and even cause locations to close.

    Here is How We Stand Apart:

    Wag N’ Wash has been a successful pet store franchise since our inception in 1999. With twenty years of experience under our belt and 19 locations open, we have the knowledge to effectively strategize and invest our time and money wisely.

    We do this by investing in our vision of this business and putting most of the profits back into the company. A lot of this reinvestment has gone into improving HR and support for Franchise Owners. This is what the Wag N Wash president had to say about the philosophy:

    “There are no huge salaries at the top end,” says Flanagan, who joined Wag N’ Wash as president in 2017. “We actually try to drive it so there’s not a lot of profit at the end of the year because we’re reinvesting it in the company.” – Rob Flanagan

    About Wag N’ Wash Pet Store Franchises

    We have proven this philosophy over the past two decades with our franchise expansion and various accolades, including Retailer of the Year for Concept and Innovation, being ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2017 & 2018 Franchise 500 List, and many more!

    Consumers love our healthy, natural pet products, our focus on excellent service, and the convenience we offer by being a one-stop shop.

    Our pet store franchise appeals to prospective Franchise Owners by offering four revenue streams, industry partnerships, strong unit economics, and the fun job of working with pets! Our Franchise Owners find owning a Wag N Wash to be fun, rewarding, and lucrative.

    You can claim your part of the 70 billion dollar pet industry by becoming a Wag N Wash Pet Franchise Owner today! CLICK HERE for more details on franchising with Wag N’ Wash!
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    Pet Product News: Wag N’ Wash Raises Loyalty to the Pupper Level

    Pet Product News: Wag N’ Wash Raises Loyalty to the Pupper Level

    Pet Product News, an outlet for press and original content in the Pet Product and Lifestyle category, recently covered Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery for the deployment of advanced customer loyalty technologies. These changes are needed to provide a better user experience and extend the visitor lifetime value. More specifically, Pet Product News highlighted the company through its renewed, sales-responsive customer loyalty program – an extension of the already industry-leading corporate support offered by Wag N’ Wash.

    The program is expected to improve customer retention and maintain, if not increase, total purchase amounts by frequent and repeat customers.

    About the Program

    pet-franchise-businessAccording to the release by Pet Product News, the recently introduced customer loyalty program analyzes consumer interactions and better prioritizes the items and services most important to each individual guest. This comes from a statement by company officials.

    Upgraded Loyalty Provides A VIP Experience

    The news piece highlights the VIP Loyalty Program. The updated customer loyalty program recognizes guests under multiple purchasing criteria, including total purchase amount. For pet owners who have repeat visits, the total transaction amount is used to help funnel transactions of equal and higher totals, according to sources familiar with the program. Pet Product News, while interviewing company officials about the loyalty program, put it like this:

    “When guests spend $300 dollars they earn a $10 voucher for their next purchase. In addition, guests receive the 11th bag of pet food for free after purchasing 10 of the same family and size. Loyal customers will also receive special offers throughout the year.”

    A Market Based Approach

    Company officials have confirmed the program’s newest features are designed and hosted by Insight out of Chaos, a Miami-based database marketing company. The advancements allow Franchise Owners with Wag N’ Wash to record and follow the trends of their customers through the renewed marketing platform, company officials said. By utilizing the data collected by existing CRM tools, updates to the Wag N’ Wash loyalty program will provide more guests with tailored deals, vouchers, and coupons relating to their recurring companion’s needs and wants.

    In addition, the updates can help continue and increase ticket totals and develop a better architecture for purchasing behavior.

    “We wanted to create a program that first and foremost said ‘thank you’ to our guests.” – Robert Flanagan, president of Wag N’ Wash.

    Rob goes on. “They are the ones that make us the destination for their companion’s needs, whether it’s for the self-wash, bakery items or for accessories. The information we can gather with the help of Insight Out of Chaos is instrumental in the process of providing better support for our guests and further allows us to tailor offers to the specific needs of the guest.”

    Current Customer Loyalty Program

    According to individuals familiar with the program, there are currently 159,000 Wag N’ Wash guests signed up for the Wag Card. The versatility of the program to identify customer needs has never been as keen as it is now.

    Find out how more about Wag N’ Wash Franchising and the corporate support provided today by visiting: https://franchise.wagnwash.com

    Wag N’ Wash Wins “Best Franchise 2018-2019” Award!

    Wag N’ Wash Wins “Best Franchise 2018-2019” Award!

    Pet Product News honors outstanding pet specialty retailers, groomers, and service providers with its annual Retailer of the Year Awards during a ceremony held at the SuperZoo trade show, which was held in Las Vegas June 26-28.

    This year, Wag N’ Wash was presented with the “Best Franchise” business achievement award! Here in the upcoming months, Wag N’ Wash will also be further profiled by Pet Product News! Stay tuned!

    To read the full list of award winners, CLICK HERE



    Published on: January 22, 2018
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    USA Weekly Interview with President Rob Flanagan – USA Weekly interviewed Wag N’ Wash President Rob Flanagan for its January 20 edition. The article was part of a series on business advice that individuals would share with younger versions of themselves.

    From the interview:

    What does your company do?

    Wag N’ Wash® Natural Food & Bakery is a franchise company with 18 locations around the United States. We understand that your cats and dogs are more than just pets, they are cherished members of the family. Our franchisees operate retail centers where you can wash ’em, feed ’em and spoil ’em, all in one cool place! We offer high-quality food, toys, bedding, and supplements, a bakery that makes human-grade freshly baked treats, a self-service wash with our own line of proprietary shampoos, and a professional grooming service.

    What is your role? What do you enjoy most about your role?

    Rob Flanagan – President. I am living the dream! Every day is a game of chess, a game where I have to constantly think three moves ahead. I love the strategic aspects of the position, but most importantly I interact with inspiring personalities and help guide a mission that I am passionate about. I am blessed to be part of a team that sees a meaningful purpose and, through a little grit and teamwork, we manifest a new reality for our guests and franchisees. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

    What are the biggest challenges in your business right now?

    I think anyone in the retail sector sees e-commerce as a challenge. Businesses must always make it a top priority to stay up-to-date with the changes in technology while simultaneously tending to the core mission of the business. At Wag N’ Wash we don’t underestimate the effect online shopping has on brick and mortar locations. Instead, we have embraced this opportunity to marry technology with the actual customer experience in the store and emphasis that each of our locations is locally owned and operated. As we work to perfect our online presence we remain a fun, exciting place to bring your pet companion.

    Read the full article HERE.

    See our Wag N’ Wash locations HERE.

    Wag N’ Wash’s Twin Cities Take-Over

    Wag N’ Wash’s Twin Cities Take-Over

    Wag N’ Wash Continues Twin Cities Expansion

    Wag N’ Wash has big plans for the Twin-City metropolitan area. Already having one location on the outskirts, at 1960 Cliff Lake Road, Ste. 120
    Eagan, Minnesota 55122, Wag N’ Wash sees big potential for the area.

    On September 1st, Wag N’ Wash announced their plans to open another location in west St. Paul. This location is slated to open in early 2018, where guests will have access to an all natural pet bakery, pet cleaning and grooming services, and a full-line of products for furry friends. With this announcement, they also plan for 10 more locations to hit the area within the next few years.

    Jon Wagner, the new St. Paul Wag N’ Wash owner, was a former Public Accountant.  He now looks forward to this new career and opportunity. He and his wife, Natalie Wagner, will operate the store together.

    “Wag N’ Wash understands the importance of quality pet food and grooming services for your furry friend. We look forward to providing ease and convenience by being a one-stop-shop where pet owners can wash ’em, feed ’em and spoil ’em, all in one cool place!” – Jon Wagner

    Congrats Jon and Natalie! To learn more, click HERE.