How Wag N Wash Stands Out from Other Pet Care Franchises

How Wag N Wash Stands Out from Other Pet Care Franchises

How Does Wag N’ Wash Differ From Other Pet Shop Franchises?

Pet Shop Franchises

Different Kind of Pet Franchise

Wag N’ Wash is a different kind of franchise. We have surrounded ourselves with devoted individuals who not only enjoy making a great living, but also are determined to improve the lives of their companion pets and those around them. Wag N’ Wash isn’t only proven to be successful for pet shop franchise owners, but for their communities as well.

Hear From The Experts

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Franchise Brand Loyalty

Through a relentless approach to outstanding customer service Wag N’ Wash has become one of the most trusted names in pet retail among the communities in which we operate. According to market research from Rosetta, brands that enjoy brand loyalty such as Wag N’ Wash typically see their customers purchase 90% more often, spend 60% more per transaction, and are 5 times more likely to indicate they will only purchase from that brand in the future.
After decades of building relationships with industry suppliers and manufacturers, these relationships now provide Franchise Owners with Grade-A pricing to which independent owners do not have access, and allow us to pass these savings along to our customers.
Team members that staff our locations are professionally and diligently trained in all products that we sell so that every customer can be provided expert answers to their questions. Along with decades of experience in the industry, our expertise gives us a competitive advantage.

Those We Love

The Wag N’ Wash pet shop franchise was founded on the premise of spending more time with those we love, not only people, but the animals that have become family. We know that without support from our community, our pet store franchise would never be what it is today. An integral piece of our business model is giving back to the community, and is a core value we look for in our Franchise Owners.

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    Wag N’ Wash Named #1 Emerging Brand

    Wag N’ Wash Named #1 Emerging Brand

    Franchise Gator ranked Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery as the #1 Emerging Franchise Brand for 2019. Wag N’ Wash also ranked as #14 on Franchise Gator’s Fastest Growing Franchise list and #97 in the Top 100 Franchise list.

    Eric Bell, General Manager of Franchise Gator said, “Franchise Gator has been publishing the Top 100, as well as the accompanying Fastest Growing and Top Emerging franchises list, for 6 years now.  pet franchisesIt’s very rare for us to come across a franchise system that has all of the qualifications to appear on all 3 lists in one year like Wag N’ Wash did in 2019.  They check off a lot of the boxes.  Their FDD notes strong growth both in units and financially, exactly what you want to see from an emerging brand.  Their presence on all 3 Franchise Gator lists is well deserved.  Congratulations to Wag N’ Wash!”

    “We are incredibly excited to be recognized by Franchise Gator!  Being named as the #1 Emerging Franchise Brand is a testament to our PAWprietors (franchise partners) and WHQ team (Wag Headquarters) who strive every day to enhance the lives of companion pets across the planet.  We look forward to an exciting 2019 and to keep ‘em wagging,” said Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery President & Pack Leader Rob Flanagan.

    Ranking Basis

    This is the sixth year that the online franchise directory has published a Top Emerging ranking. The list was created to help identify developing franchises with 50 or fewer units that have shown promising signs of strong growth. The focus of the Top Emerging list is not just to highlight brands on the rise, but also at a price point that was in line with the average prospect exploring franchise opportunities. Rankings are based on information provided in Franchise Disclosure Documents.

    “Strong growth is one of many areas a prospective franchisee can look at when evaluating a franchise brand,” said Eric Bell, General Manager at Franchise Gator. “Total unit count is important as every franchise company’s mission is to increase their footprint as it makes the whole system much healthier.”

    In 2018 Franchise Gator named Wag N’ Wash as #4 on the Emerging Franchise Brand list and #48 on the Fastest Growing Franchise rankings. 2018 Franchise Gator Rankings


    FT Undercover Comes to Wag N’ Wash

    FT Undercover Comes to Wag N’ Wash

    Franchise Times Magazine paid a surprise visit to Wag N’ Wash for FT Undercover in the April 2019 edition!

    Check out Nicholas Upton and his precious companion pet Olive’s account of their spa day with us at We’re happy to report that Olive and her nervous guardians survived a self wash and nail trim. Freshly baked natural treats and new toys helped a lot!

    Fit Matters!

    Fit Matters!

    At Wag N’ Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming the selection of franchisees is all about fit. That means our business emphasis shifts from growth and opening stores to making sure our owner / operators understand our philosophy and have similar goals.

    We look for people who can function as cultural co-founders and understand that the brand promise of “we love your companion pet as much as you do” guides our day-to-day activities. We seek business partners and take extra steps to make sure there is a good fit before candidates get too far in the process.

    “This is important not only for a potential franchisee, but for the franchisor.  Just last week during a phone call with a prospect it was clear that the timing of opening a Wag N’ Wash (the prospect dream) didn’t align with their family just yet.  I think a lot of franchisors would have looked the other way, but we do things a little different at the Wag,” said Rob Flanagan, President & Pack Leader.

    With a focus on partners that get the “Wag” and our mission to enhance the lives of companion animals as well as run a profitable business, we want to grow a generational business. Our growth strategy is based on the foundation that some of our goals may not happen in our lifetime.  We want our grandchildren to experience the vision as much as we do.

    “We are very fortunate in our approach to finances.  Our operational expenses are 100% covered by our royalty revenue.  We don’t have to sell an agreement to make sure we make payroll.  This allows us to make sure we are strategic in our approach,” explained Flanagan.

    Part of our strategy is to reimagine our footprint to open up the potential that comes with lower build out costs. We are excited about our new footprint model. “In the past the minimum square footage was around 3,500.  Starting in 2019 we are exploring smaller footprints with a lower build out expense.  This opens more real estate opportunities,” said Flanagan.

    By focusing on the right fits, Wag N’ Wash has grown from nine locations in 2016 to 19 in 2019. The pet industry itself continues to achieve unparalleled growth. In 2018 the American Pet Products Association estimates spending on pet products at $72.13 billion. Spending is forecast to reach $96 billion in 2020 according to Packaged Facts, a leading market research firm.

    Wag N’ Wash locations with their four revenue streams are right in the thick of that growth. Want to find out if you are the right fit? Call 720-316-6623 today.s




    WNW Discusses Financing Philosophy

    WNW Discusses Financing Philosophy

    It’s no secret that becoming a Franchise Owner for an up-and-coming franchise company can present a few problems.

    One factor that many people don’t consider is the financing aspect of the business. Both Franchisors and Franchise Owners need to carefully consider their options when looking for banks to support them when investing in a business.

    Many brands can barely keep their heads above water when there is a lack of capital, which leads to them to being forced to sign under-qualified candidates to help with funding the organization’s growth. This can be problematic as it can hurt the success of the franchise organization, and even cause locations to close.

    Here is How We Stand Apart:

    Wag N’ Wash has been a successful pet store franchise since our inception in 1999. With twenty years of experience under our belt and 19 locations open, we have the knowledge to effectively strategize and invest our time and money wisely.

    We do this by investing in our vision of this business and putting most of the profits back into the company. A lot of this reinvestment has gone into improving HR and support for Franchise Owners. This is what the Wag N Wash president had to say about the philosophy:

    “There are no huge salaries at the top end,” says Flanagan, who joined Wag N’ Wash as president in 2017. “We actually try to drive it so there’s not a lot of profit at the end of the year because we’re reinvesting it in the company.” – Rob Flanagan

    About Wag N’ Wash Pet Store Franchises

    We have proven this philosophy over the past two decades with our franchise expansion and various accolades, including Retailer of the Year for Concept and Innovation, being ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2017 & 2018 Franchise 500 List, and many more!

    Consumers love our healthy, natural pet products, our focus on excellent service, and the convenience we offer by being a one-stop shop.

    Our pet store franchise appeals to prospective Franchise Owners by offering four revenue streams, industry partnerships, strong unit economics, and the fun job of working with pets! Our Franchise Owners find owning a Wag N Wash to be fun, rewarding, and lucrative.

    You can claim your part of the 70 billion dollar pet industry by becoming a Wag N Wash Pet Franchise Owner today! CLICK HERE for more details on franchising with Wag N’ Wash!
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    Feature Franchise Times’ “Living Large” Series

    Feature Franchise Times’ “Living Large” Series

    Wag N’ Wash President and Pack Leader Rob Flanagan was featured in December’s edition of Franchise Times’ “Living Large” series. Pet Shop Franchise

    Flanagan discussed his emphasis on enhanced communication between franchisor and franchisee and how it has resulted in the use of multiple platforms like email, webinars and downloadable materials to make sure all in the system are tuned into developments on strategic initiatives.  

    He also talked about growth plans for the company for 2019.

    Read the full article: