Wag N’ Wash Featured on Franchise Times Top 200+

Wag N’ Wash Featured on Franchise Times Top 200+

We are excited to announce that our continued passion and our continued drive has led to us being awarded a spot on Franchise Times’ Top 200+ ranking list! This list is the most comprehensive ranking of the 500 largest US Franchise Systems and is backed by more than 20 years of research, making it the only objective ranking currently available.

For 2018, we came in at #499 out of 500. While we are thrilled about making the list, we are in no way, shape, or form done growing. We can’t wait to see what our future holds, though – for our company and for our Franchise Owners and their families!

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A Better Boost – Pet Supplements and More

A Better Boost – Pet Supplements and More

When it comes to our furry friends, people are constantly looking for natural pet supplements that address not only specific health issues, but also their companion animals’ overall well-being.

Because of this, Kirk Forrest, a Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner in California, Maryland, makes it a point to keep his location stocked with the latest pet supplements, such as cannabidiol (CBD)-based pet supplements that are used to help alleviate anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Said Kirk, “We’ve seen an influx of clients looking for more natural and holistic treatments and an increase in herbal therapy purchases. It’s important to have more than one product form—chewable, liquids, etc.—to diversify consumers’ options and to fully train and educate the staff about the benefits of the products.”

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Wag N’ Wash Wins “Best Franchise 2018-2019” Award!

Wag N’ Wash Wins “Best Franchise 2018-2019” Award!

Pet Product News honors outstanding pet specialty retailers, groomers, and service providers with its annual Retailer of the Year Awards during a ceremony held at the SuperZoo trade show, which was held in Las Vegas June 26-28.

This year, Wag N’ Wash was presented with the “Best Franchise” business achievement award! Here in the upcoming months, Wag N’ Wash will also be further profiled by Pet Product News! Stay tuned!

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Keep ’em Off! Dealing with Fleas and Ticks

Keep ’em Off! Dealing with Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks can really bug our furry companions.  With summer in full swing, it’s time to consider ways to prevent, and treat, flea and tick issues.  Of course, you should always consult your veterinarian before using any pest prevention, as every pet has different needs.


When pests like fleas invade our homes, our first reaction is to get them out by any means. Fleas and ticks can cause more problems than just their initial bite:


  • Fleas can lead to excessive skin irritation and even stomach worms
  • A home infestation is possible if fleas aren’t dealt with quickly
  • Fleas and ticks can carry diseases, some of which can affect you too

But, when we’re thinking of remedies to a pest issue, is it worth considering all-natural solutions?  We think so!  According to a report by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), most typical flea and tick products (collars, sprays, dusts, etc.) are registered as pesticides by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  This means that many of those products can contain harmful chemicals that can affect the health of you and your companion.

Sometimes, we can stop problems like these before they even start! Consider regularly grooming and washing your pet (or let us help!), as well as their bedding and even their favorite spots to lay around.  You may also consider using pesticides in your yard and garden to kill pest populations.  Some gardening stores may also even carry worms that eat flea and pest larvae, and won’t harm your garden!

Also, be aware of the season/weather and your surroundings: some locales have higher pest populations at different times of year.  If you live in, or are traveling to, somewhere with lots of fleas and ticks, you may need to take extra steps to ensure your fuzzy companion isn’t affected.

You may live in an area that usually doesn’t have flea and tick concerns. This year may be a little different in your region so it is still worthwhile to consider a discussion with your healthcare provider.


Don’t forget the vet!  Your dog or cat may not be best friends with their veterinarian, but sometimes the doctor knows best.  And their vet may be able to provide a prescription treatment, and may be able to inform you of which products to avoid.  Your dog or cat’s health, age, and even breed may determine what products are best for them.

We may take every preventative measure in the world, but sometimes pests still bug us.  There are a number of ways to get fleas and ticks off our companions, if they’re experiencing pest problems.  Your local Wag N’ Wash carries a variety of products made with natural ingredients: topical sprays, cleaning products, and more.  We’re always happy to help you and your companion!

Keep your Pets Safe and Happy during the Summer Months

Keep your Pets Safe and Happy during the Summer Months

While summer is what many of us humans look forward to every year, the heat and storms that come with the season can be tough on our furry friends. Wag N’ Wash has easy solutions that can help get your companion through the hot months.

Brand O’Dell joins Mia Atkins of Fox 21 News – Living Local in order to discuss the following tips, supplements, solutions, and more!

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1. All natural calming aids to reduce stress and anxiety

2. Calming shirts and vests.

3. Use pressure points to calm your pet.


1. Use salmon oil to fight the itch from inside

2. Use Omega 3 and 6, because fatty acids boost your dog’s skin and coat.

3. Use sprays and lotions for hotspots and problem areas.


1. Use glucosamine and chondriosome to lubricate your pet’s hips and joints.

2. Use all natural anti-inflammatory aids to reduce achy joints.


1. Use paw protection like socks or boots.

2. Walk during times that are cooler, not during peak heat hours.

3. Avoid pavement.


1. Use fiber such as pumpkin.

2. Boost the gut with probiotics and prebiotic supplements.

3. Watch what your pet is eating.





Meghan Jones
Published on: June 15, 2018
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Wag N’ Wash Highlands Ranch Owner Katherine Davies was featured in a Reader’s Digest article titled “26 Secrets Pet Groomers Wish They Could Tell You.”

She recommends pet guardians research how to care for a dog’s coat before they choose the breed, keep nails trimmed between visits and let groomers know what to expect from your companion.

“Surprisingly enough, most pet owners do not research how to care for the dogs’ coat prior to choosing the breed. As groomers, we have to educate the owners on how the dog should be styled to best protect their coats. We’ve had Goldendoodle owners in tears when we’ve shaved their dog’s curly fur down—but that’s what’s best for this breed after a certain age.”

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