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Predicting the next economic downturn can be nearly impossible, but the fluctuating nature of our economy is an undeniable truth

While most businesses do well in a booming economy, only those that are prepared can make it through economic lows. The best way to prepare? Choosing a recession resilient industry.

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recession proof franchises

The newest recession has hit the American economy hard as the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak spreads

While this natural crisis has negatively impacted thousands of businesses and millions of workers, essential service businesses have remained open. The pet industry is considered essential because the thousands of pet owners across the nation need to be able to purchase supplies for their companion animals.

Although this particular recession was caused by quite a unique factor, the pet industry has shown recession resilience in the past and is a remarkably stable industry.


More than 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet.

$73+ bil

Americans spent around $73+ billion on their pets in 2018, a 30% increase from the previous 6 years.


With a 7.8% annual growth rate, the pet care industry is expected to reach $100 billion by 2020.


During past recessions, the pet care industry actually saw growth! (29% in 2001 and 17% in 2008-09).


Nearly half of the millennial generation are pet owners and they are willing to spend more for premium pet products for their “fur babies.”

Wag n’ Wash Pet Franchise is an Essential Service

If you’re looking for a new career move amidst all the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, consider investing into Wag n’ Wash, pet franchises that are likely to survive this recession. While we can’t make any guarantees that we are recession proof franchises, past data and our identity as an essential service provider will help us thrive under these economic conditions.

recession proof franchises

Wag n’ Wash is among recession proof franchises

recession proof businesses to start

We offer a diverse set of services and products for pet owners, including food, baked goods, retail and grooming. By providing the highest quality products and services, customers are more likely to choose us over competitors. In order to keep our customers and staff safe during this health pandemic, we have increased sanitation measures and adopted curbside delivery services.

Start a New Career with Wag n’ Wash

Although it is hard to see past the uncertainty of the present, the future ahead is bright. After the pandemic lifts, the economy is likely to surge quickly upwards. Prepare yourself now by starting a new career with an essential service franchise. Wag n’ Wash offers all the benefits of entrepreneurship backed by a solid business plan and corporate support. As our pet franchises are the closest opportunity you’ll find to recession proof franchises, joining our team sets you up for a stable future.

recession proof businesses to start
pet business opportunities

If you’ve been searching for recession proof businesses to start, Wag n’ Wash is your answer. We are looking for business savvy, pet loving individuals who are committed to serving their two and four legged customers in times of need.

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