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At Wag N’ Wash, we strive to provide the BEST pet services to our local communities. We aim to foster the best relations between pets and their owners, and we love to see when our customers, in turn, express their appreciation for our services. So, of course, we were ecstatic to see that our customers in Colorado Springs, Colorado have spoken! Wag N’ Wash’s Colorado Springs-Uintah location was recently recognized in the “Best in Business 2019” awards in the Colorado Springs Business Journal! Wag N’ Wash was selected as Colorado Springs’ #1 business for pet services. Our pet shop franchise is extremely honored to see that the residents of Colorado Springs have decided our services are truly the BEST!

The Colorado Springs Business Journal is the primary source for business information and news across the city of Colorado Springs. Every year, the CSBJ hosts the “Best in Business” awards to highlight and celebrate local businesses that their readers believe are the top in their respective fields. These local businesses, all found in Colorado Springs, are nominated and voted upon solely by the members of the community. 

In the article, the CSBJ gives a shoutout to Wag N’ Wash’s full variety of services, highlighting our “self-service wash, full service grooming, in-store pet bakery—with birthday cakes […], natural pet foods, toys, treats, gear, beauty products, and supplements”. All of these features of our pet store franchise create, what they call, “the full spoiling experience”— and that’s exactly what we do! We know your cats and dogs are a part of the family; we do everything we can so you can make your furry companions happy. From our high quality foods to our high quality grooming services, each unique aspect of our business services is catered to perfectly fit the unique needs of companions and their owners. The unique nature and high quality of our services thus allow us to stand out from other pet store franchise across the nation, and place us at the top!

In the article, the CSBJ also speaks with Kara Loehr, the manager of Wag N’ Wash’s Colorado Springs-Uintah location, who touches on the mission, values, and vision of Wag N’ Wash as a whole.

“We’re all about customer service and bettering the lives of companion pets through healthy lifestyles,” Loehr states. “It’s all about education and helping pet parents understand the benefits of what we offer. Our duty is to recognize, promote and foster the positive impact companion pets have on all of us. We want to give the best service to everyone and make sure they leave here smiling.”

dog wash franchise

This dedication to our customers is what sets us apart as a pet shop franchise. Kara, along with all of our other franchise owners, are devoted individuals dedicated to improving the lives of companion pets and their owners through their own businesses. Our emphasis on customer service has allowed us to become a top name in pet retail across the nation as we have spent years building close relationships with our customers. We have found that when we focus solely on bettering the lives and experiences of our customers, the positive feedback comes easily.

Kara Loehr speaks for all of us at Wag N’ Wash when she says the “Best in Business honor truly shows how much support we have in our community. Being a locally owned business, it’s very important to us.” We are continuously working to provide the best experience for pet owners and their loved ones, and receiving commendation from our customers truly reinforces our close relationship with our local communities.

All in all, we’re incredibly proud to see our pet shop franchise receive recognition among local businesses in Colorado Springs, and look forward to many more future shoutouts as we continue to grow and share our unique pet services with cities all over the US! As pet service demands increase and the pet industry continues to expand, we are excited to keep our momentum going strong.

To read the full list of Colorado Springs’ Best Businesses, CLICK HERE! If you are looking to explore pet business opportunities, opening your own Wag N’ Wash could be the perfect opportunity for you! As the pet industry keeps growing at a rapid pace, we are always looking for the ideal franchise owner to join our Wag N’ Wash family and continue spreading the mission and values of our pet shop franchise. If owning your own pet business sounds like your dream job, or you simply want to learn more about what we do at Wag N’ Wash, visit our site HERE!

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