“WAG” in the News: The Latest Buzz About our Pet Supplies Franchise!

“WAG” in the News: The Latest Buzz About our Pet Supplies Franchise!

While many businesses struggled in 2020, the pet industry thrived. Isolation drew people to seek out companionship — mostly the four-legged, furry variety. Now, looking at the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, some industries are looking to rebuild. The pet services industry, on the other hand, is trying to catch up from a huge increase in pet adoptions last year! 

Wag N’ Wash didn’t wait to take advantage of 2020’s puppy boom; as a prominent pet supplies franchise, the company was already on pace to maintain its steady growth. But the ambitious, aggressive goals of the brand is what’s really been making headlines.

Pet Age: Wag N’ Wash Pet Food & Grooming Announces Aggressive Goals 


Pet Age article about our pet supplies franchise

“The past year has truly emphasized the importance of providing your pets with the best quality care to keep them happy and healthy, just like you would all members of  your family,” President Rob Flanagan said. “With 8 out of 13 locations rising year over year in December, a 50-percent sales increase at our Broomfield store, 35-percent in Lakeville, and our Phoenix location ending the year at million-dollar status — we couldn’t be prouder of the strides the brand is making throughout the country. 

The brand also announced plans to open 50 franchise locations by 2025. The recent signing of the new Wag N’ Wash location in St. Louis marks the brand’s first foray into the Midwest as the company looks to continue to expand its footprint and fanbase nationwide. 




Pet Product News: Wag N’ Wash Eyes a Future Full of Innovation 


Pet supplies franchise in the news!

Wag N’ Wash also looks to improve its position in the industry with an improved point of sale system, which allows customers to order products online, and access a personalized digital pet profile. 

The new digital pet profiles will give customers the ability to access their pet’s health history, and also get recommendations for products that best fit their pets needs. This new technology is part of Wag N’ Wash’s desire to give as many customers as possible easy access to products that will help care for their pets like a true member of the family.  





Pet Product News: A Guide to 2020’s Pet Retail Shakeups and Pet Store Openings in 2021 


Pet supplies franchise mentioned in guide to retail shakeups

In addition to the “puppy boom” of 2020, pet supplies franchise companies are able to set their sights on rapid expansion due to the current commercial real estate market. 

“We are seeing a softening in the commercial real estate leasing rates,” Flanagan said. “It didn’t slow down as much as people thought when COVID-19 first hit, but it is not accelerating at the pace it was in 2014-2019. There are possible great long-term leases available for the right concept.” 





As we all continue to look to even more growth in 2021, Wag N’ Wash is poised to em-BARK on a period of new, exciting growth and continue to help Franchise Owners, customers, and their companion animals live their fullest, happiest lives. 

Want in on the pet industry boom? Our pet supplies franchise is awarding territories in major markets across the U.S. Why settle for a subpar location in a thriving, pet-friendly community when you can have prime real estate as a Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner? Turn your passion into profit doing something you love that benefits the pets and pet lovers in your community. It all starts today- visit our franchise website for more details.

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