Amy Putzler Brings our Pet Care Franchise to the St. Louis Area!

Amy Putzler Brings our Pet Care Franchise to the St. Louis Area!


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We’re merely weeks into 2021 and we’ve already been awarding franchises left and right here at Wag N’ Wash. The latest to join our pet care franchise is Amy Putzler, who plans to bring Wag N’ Wash to her hometown of St. Louis, MO! Our marketing team was fortunate enough to sit down with Amy for an exclusive Q & A. 

What is your personal/professional background?

I have nearly 20 years of experience in Human Resources. 18 of the 20 years were spent at a regional non-profit. The last five of which were as the Chief Human Resources Officer.

What are your personal hobbies or interests?

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, and baking.

How did you first learn about Wag N’ Wash?

I came across Wag N’ Wash online when I was looking for franchise opportunities.

What was the AHA or Lightbulb moment that made you want to franchise with our pet care franchise?

Definitely attending the Discovery Day! It was amazing meeting the Founders and everyone whom I had been speaking with in person. I was super excited about the business model and knew that I wanted to move forward.

What do you think will make you successful?

I have years of management experience that I think will be beneficial. Also, the simplicity of the Wag N’ Wash model.

What sets Wag N’ Wash apart, in your eyes, from other pet care franchise opportunities in the Industry?

I appreciated that the Founders were still actively involved in growing the brand and how much passion they showed for each area of their business.  

What has been the best part of your experience with Wag N’ Wash corporate team so far?

They have been very helpful and detailed in each step of the process. They’ve made sure everything has been smooth and are transparent with each aspect of the business model!

How important are dogs/pets in your daily life?  

Our dog is the center of the family.  She goes everywhere with us.  Honestly, we would be lost without her.

What do you look forward to about owning your own Wag N’ Wash franchise?  

Taking my dog to work with me.  After years of having an office job, I am thrilled I will have the opportunity to do this.


As we move forward into 2021, we’re relying more than ever on our amazing pet care Franchise Owners to give our brand life. We’re super excited to bring Amy on board with us and have no doubt that she will find success in her journey as a Wag N’ Wash owner. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and her franchise!

Does Amy’s story sound familiar? We thought so! Leave your desk job behind for a career you can actually enjoy owning a pet care franchise! Visit our franchising site to get started!

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