Pet Franchise Founders Spread Inclusivity

Pet Franchise Founders Spread Inclusivity

Pet Franchise

Wag N’ Wash Founders Jef Strauss and Dan Remus have done more than just create a successful pet franchise with Wag N’ Wash. They have created a haven for pet ownership and inclusivity within communities across the US. A recent article from Franchise Times highlighted our Founders’ backgrounds and discussed how they have used their business to promote the greater good.

June marked the 50th anniversary of LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations and as they do during Pride every year, Jef and Dan felt the need to reciprocate the love that their pets give to those around them. With the concurrent surge of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the duo felt moved to help, with Wag N’ Wash making an initial donation of $500 to The Trevor Project, an organization supporting the mental health of Black LGBTQ+ youth. Furthermore, they set up recurring monthly payments to the organization to continue to help the cause. 

This kind of generosity and inclusivity is more than just an occasional occurrence, however. These values are the pillars of what the Wag N’ Wash brand was founded on. “With Jef and I both being gay men and starting our business, it was important to us to be champions of our community,” remarked Dan. “In the pet industry, our customers are such crazy companion pet people. Our companion pets set the example for us—they’re completely unconditional loving beings, and it doesn’t matter what sexual orientation or gender identity you are, they just love you because you’re hopefully a good person. We’ve tried to live that for our business from the beginning.”

The duo used our pet franchise’s social media platforms to further support the cause. In addition to changing our brand’s pawprint logo to a rainbow colorway in support of pride, our brand crafted a special Black Lives Matter paw print logo. Jef and Dan posted the logo on social media, documenting support for the movement, as well as pictures of some of the protests they attended, alongside their dogs of course!

“Because our business has allowed us to have a platform and a voice heard in avenues it otherwise would not be broadcasted, we feel it’s our obligation and duty that the message is heard through the channels we can broadcast it,” described Dan. “We absolutely believe that silence is complacency—if you’re not talking about Black Lives Matter and injustices happening to other human beings, you’re contributing to it. It’s important we use every platform, including business, to get that message out to affect change.”

These values are embodied in every Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner and as our pet franchise continues to grow, our voice only grows stronger. Our Franchise Owners are some of the most passionate people out there and they are not afraid to show it! But how could you not be, when you’re working with dogs every day? Owning a pet franchise with Wag N’ Wash poises our Franchise Owners to become leaders within their communities. They are doing more than just owning a successful business. They are making a difference in the lives of pets and their owners every day!

This wouldn’t be possible however without the tremendous support team that has our Franchise Owners’ backs. Here at Wag N’ Wash, we’re more than just business owners. We’re one big family and we view the world as such! Our Franchise Owners help each other out with whatever issues they may be having and our corporate support team is there 24/7 to back them up! This can include helping train new employees, pushing marketing efforts, or helping expand customer reach. Whoever walks into our doors and whatever issues they may be having with their pets, we’re here to help them!

At the same time, we realize that work isn’t everything here at Wag N’ Wash and we like our Franchise Owners – and their pets – to enjoy freedom and flexibility within their schedules. When you own a pet franchise with Wag N’ Wash, you are your own boss, meaning you get to work on your clock and take time off when you need it. Our Franchise Owners get to spend more time with their families than in the average profession and enjoy benefits that most careers simply cannot offer. As one can see, it’s no wonder that Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owners are some of the happiest people that you’ll ever meet!

So what are you waiting for? Join our family today and start making a difference for people and their companion animals within your community! Visit our franchising site for more information.

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