Grooming is BOOMING at our CO Pet Franchise Locations!

Grooming is BOOMING at our CO Pet Franchise Locations!

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As a number of cities in America begin to re-open businesses with strict social distancing guidelines in place, our pet franchise is proud to be welcoming our customers in need of grooming and dog wash services back to our Wag N’ Wash locations! Though we’re deemed an essential business and were therefore open throughout the COVID-19 shutdowns, we have had to limit our interactions with people and their companion animals to curbside pickup, online ordering, and in some cases, delivery of our high-end, all-natural dog and cat food and pet supplies.

In the state of Colorado, where Wag N’ Wash is headquartered, stay-at-home orders gave way to less strict “safer at home” recommendations on April 28. Under these new guidelines, hair and nail salons, as well as grooming salons, are once again able to serve customers, albeit with social-distancing measures in place to protect the health and safety of everyone involved. Local publication The Colorado Sun featured Wag N’ Wash Highlands Ranch as one of the local businesses that had re-opened to booming business and overwhelming success!

In the Sun article, Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner Katherine Davies demonstrated the new policies in place for our self-serve dog wash facilities, including using every other dog wash tub to adhere to social distancing practices, implementing reservation times for guests who wish to use the self-wash services, and cleaning and disinfecting the tubs and floor “between each and every dog,” as she says.

For customers wishing to drop their matted dog off at the full-service grooming salon for a much-needed spa day, Davies and her staff are having the dog owners wait outside until their groomer texts to say that their companion animal is ready to go. Since full-service grooming has always been done by appointment only, Davies and her crew are able to ensure that only one dog owner at a time is dropping off and picking up from her pet franchise location.

Since Wag N’ Wash was deemed an essential business thanks to our pet food and retail streams of revenue, our locations have remained open throughout the 5-week period when many stores across the country have had to close their doors. Other grooming and pet washing businesses that do not carry dog and cat food or supplies, on the other hand, were forced to close down completely in accordance with shelter-in-place orders that were issued in most American cities to help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. Katherine Davies acknowledged to the Sun that if she had not been allowed to sell pet food, she would have struggled more financially. “We are not going to go under, let’s put it that way,” she told the reporter.

As stay-at-home orders begin to lift in a number of U.S. cities, Wag N’ Wash pet franchise locations nationwide will be implementing similar policies to ensure maximum safety of employees and customers in the self-wash and grooming centers. We are excited to begin taking steps toward re-opening two of our most popular services- and giving our Franchise Owners a way to earn more revenue throughout the rest of the year.

The grooming center and self-serve dog wash is also open once more at our flagship Wag N’ Wash location in Monument, Colorado. Living Local, a popular Southern Colorado lifestyle TV program, recently featured our Monument dog wash in a segment about DIY dog-washing tips. General Manager Alex Culbertson walked presenter Mia Atkins through the basics of a great head-to-tail dog wash for viewers at home using her own dog, Marshall, while her other dog, Lily, received a wash from a Wag N’ Wash staff member several tubs down.

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Living Local TV reporter Mia Atkins gets a DIY dog wash tutorial from Alex Culbertson, General Manager at Wag N’ Wash in Monument, CO.


The DIY dog wash tutorial not only gained Wag N’ Wash- Monument some great local publicity, but it also served as a handy set of pointers for faithful customers of our pet grooming franchise that are still not quite ready to make an in-store appearance with their companion animals. Since it is of utmost importance to us that our guests are completely comfortable with venturing back into our stores, we’re happy to give out a few dog-washing pro tips in the meantime!

For our Franchise Owners, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a tremendous challenge as they faced numerous restrictions on services that are a cornerstone of our business model. However, they knew they wouldn’t have to worry about going it alone as independent pet care and grooming business owners have had to do. Our Support Team has been there every step of the way to help our Franchise Owners pivot their business model in order to help maximize their earning potential even when it wasn’t possible for customers to bring their dogs for washing and grooming. Now, as we start to see the first signs of life slowly but surely returning to normal, we can envision a brighter future ahead for both our existing and future Franchise Owners across America.

Our pet franchise is awarding new Wag N’ Wash territories in cities across the United States, and we’re looking for passionate, enthusiastic individuals to invest in our recession-resilient business. Please take a moment to visit our Wag N’ Wash pet franchise website and learn more about this amazing opportunity to do what you love every day.

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