Who Makes an Ideal Wag N’ Wash Franchisee? It Could Be You

Who Makes an Ideal Wag N’ Wash Franchisee? It Could Be You

Here at Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery, our love for our animal companions is the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our knowledge of our products, the individual needs of our customers and providing the ultimate destination for cats and dogs. As a Wag N’ Wash franchisee, we want business owners who exemplify these values.

What do we expect from an ideal Wag N’ Wash franchisee? First and foremost, we seek pet enthusiasts who are passionate about animals. One of the great things about owning a Wag N’ Wash is that you can bring your four-legged friend to work every day, as we want franchisees who can serve as owner-operators to provide the best experience for companion pets and their humans.

An ideal candidate is outgoing and hardworking. As an owner-operator, franchisees are willing to think out-of-the-box and put in the hours necessary to create a successful business. A huge part of this success comes from the desire to become a part of their communities and put a face to the brand.

Not only are our model franchisees willing to become a part of their communities, but they’re also very involved and always trying to give back. As a motivational leader, franchisees are detail-oriented team players, which helps them thrive under our business model.

Last, but certainly not least, ideal franchisees are business savvy and display experience, knowledge and the willingness to work collaboratively while still working individually to promote their store and foster a growing environment.

Does this sound like you? If you’re committed to fun and making a meaningful difference in your community, then you might make the “purr-fect” franchise owner with Wag N’ Wash.

If you’re ready to take the first step and make a difference for your community’s companion animals and their humans, we’d love to have a conversation about the Wag N’ Wash franchise opportunity. Please click here to get started.

A Better Boost – Pet Supplements and More

A Better Boost – Pet Supplements and More

When it comes to our furry friends, people are constantly looking for natural pet supplements that address not only specific health issues, but also their companion animals’ overall well-being.

Because of this, Kirk Forrest, a Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner in California, Maryland, makes it a point to keep his location stocked with the latest pet supplements, such as cannabidiol (CBD)-based pet supplements that are used to help alleviate anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Said Kirk, “We’ve seen an influx of clients looking for more natural and holistic treatments and an increase in herbal therapy purchases. It’s important to have more than one product form—chewable, liquids, etc.—to diversify consumers’ options and to fully train and educate the staff about the benefits of the products.”

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