Wag N’ Wash Headed to Seattle!

Wag N’ Wash Headed to Seattle!

Wag N’ Wash Opening Spring 2017 in Seattle, Washington

The 1st Wag N’ Wash is coming to Washington! Local Seattle residents Bill and Andrew wanted to open a business in their community where they could serve both residents and their four-legged friends! They noticed there wasn’t anywhere to take pups for self-serve baths or full-service professional groomers. And they knew this location would be ideal!

The store at 1932 Queen Anne Ave N will be home to the first Wag N’ Wash in the state and expected to have 6 self-wash stations and 6 drying stations, serving up to 12 dogs at a time!  In addition they will have an all-natural cat and dog food retail center and a bakery ready to serve up to 20 varieties of freshly made dog treats, and doggie cakes for birthdays and holidays!
According to Bill, “We fell in love with our neighborhood and can often be seen walking our dogs along the streets chatting with neighbors and friends. We are looking forward to giving back to our community and will be partnering with local shelters and rescue groups for regular adoption events to be held at the store.”

Stay tuned for more information on a Grand Opening this Spring!

Here’s why pet care is a true recession-proof industry

Here’s why pet care is a true recession-proof industry

You’re reading an article by Patrick Watson published on Business Insider.

Americans are pet crazy. Recent surveys show that more than two out of three Americans own some kind of pet. According to the ASPCA, almost half of American households own a dog and around a third are cat owners.

Demographics are also likely to boost pet ownership, as people who don’t have children are more likely to have pets. Therefore, the continued greying of baby boomers and the low birth rate among millennials means that growth in pets in the US is set to continue.

Mauldin Economics Senior Equity Analyst Jonathon Ross explains in a recent video that he sees emerging opportunities in the pet care industry. He argues that this segment is set for a boom over the next few years. (Subscribe to the free publication Connecting the Dots at Mauldin Economics to find more undiscovered investing opportunities.)

He also points to the recent buyout of VCA, the largest public vet services firm, as a harbinger of good things to come for several firms in the pet care industry.

Expect steady growth in the pet care industry

Ross begins his case for the pet care industry by pointing out how several demographic trends are likely to increase pet ownership in the next few years.

The greying of the baby boomers has been discussed for some time. It seems that many baby boomers have added pets to replace the children that have moved out of their households. A low overall fertility rate in the US also means more one-and no-children households. These smaller families tend to have a higher rate of pet ownership.

Also note that US fertility rates dropped off even more after the Great Recession in 2008 as financial problems meant young people did not start families.

By the same token, consumers have spent more money on pets every year for almost three decades, and there’s no reason to expect that trend to end soon. Recent data from the American Pet Products Association show that the total amount spent on pets by Americans has grown from $17 billion in 1994 to almost $63 billion in 2016.

Pet care is a true recession-proof industry

Ross also highlights VCA as an earlier stock pick in the pet care segment that was acquired by Mars, Inc. in January 2017 for $7.7 billion. The $93 a share buyout price was a 31% premium to the stock price before the merger.

In discussing VCA, Ross points out that revenues at the firm have increased for 25 consecutive years. This kind of consistency in all economic conditions is very rare and reflects the exceptional strength of the industry.

As Ross warns, every recession is unique and the pet care segment may suffer like most industries during the next downturn. That said, the demographic trends are strong and the historical data are unequivocal.

People are clearly willing to pay pet expenses even in hard times, and there’s no reason to expect that to change in the next recession.

Read the original article on Mauldin Economics. Copyright 2017.

First Ever Ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List!

First Ever Ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List!

Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery Ranks #448 for its First Ever Ranking in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List

Wag N’ Wash was recently featured on Franchising.com for earning the #448th spot on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 38th Annual Franchise 500 list. This is extremely exciting as it is the brand’s first ever ranking on the prestigious list that is widely considered the “first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking.”

If you are not familiar with Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list, Entrepreneur ranks the top 500 franchise opportunities every year based on a variety of factors; with the most important factors consisting of the financial strength and stability, growth rate and size of the system, number of years being in business, length of time it has been franchising, startup costs, percentage of terminations, and if financing is provided. In order for a franchise to be eligible for a Franchise 500 ranking the franchise company must have a minimum of 10 units with at least one being a U.S. based franchise. This is an impressive accomplishment considering over 1,000 companies were vetted and given a cumulative score based on more than 150 data points by Entrepreneur’s editorial team for the 2017 ranking.

“We are incredibly proud to make our debut on this exclusive ranking of America’s top franchise opportunities. When we opened our first store nearly 20 years ago, we forged a mission to recognize, promote, and foster the positive impact that companion pets and their humans have on each other. We have continued to deliver on this promise and are confident that at just 12 locations today, we have significant opportunity for continued growth.” – Wag N’ Wash co-founder Dan Remus.

Wag N’ Wash is certainly poised for growth, with one third of the 12 franchise locations opening in the last 24 months and seven more stores slated to open in 2017. With the addition of these new locations, Wag N’ Wash now has a presence in  Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, and Washington.

Click Here to read the full article on Franchise.com. If you would like to review the full Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List Click Here.

Why 2017 is a Fantastic Time to Start a Business

Why 2017 is a Fantastic Time to Start a Business

By Richard Branson

Millennials are now the largest living generation on the planet, and this is a great thing for business. New technology, and a generation of customers who are ready to embrace it, have removed a lot of the barriers to entry for start-ups, making 2017 an incredibly exciting time to do business.

This generation of consumers connects directly with brands on social media – a space where businesses can advertise and market products and services for free, and build audiences on a small budget. In the past, companies had to capture people’s imagination through costly ad space or elaborate launches, but in 2017 that money can be used more effectively to target markets across different social platforms.

On social, a simple video or photo, shot using a smartphone, can be just as powerful as one created by a production crew. Most of the images on my Instagram have been taken using a smartphone, and many of them are more popular than those shot with expensive equipment. Communities today prefer to see authentic updates rather than carefully-orchestrated content.

Another great benefit of starting up in business in 2017 is that this generation is just as happy to buy from someone based at home as they are from a business on the high street. This brings the cost of doing business down dramatically. Rather than commit to pricey premises, you can set up online and start selling from your kitchen table.

When we first launched Virgin Records we couldn’t afford to pay the rent on our first store – at the cheap end of London’s Oxford Street – so we talked the landlord into taking us on by promising that we would attract new clientele to buy shoes from his store downstairs. I don’t recall him selling one pair of Doc Martens in the time we got away with free rent. With today’s high commercial rent prices, I can’t imagine young businesses getting this type of leg up in 2017.

Of course you will still need some seed capital to start a business, but in 2017 there will be more ways to fund ideas than ever before. Raising finance from a bank has gained a reputation for being difficult, but today you can bypass this altogether with schemes that are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch. Our team at Virgin StartUp deliver government-backed Start Up Loans ranging from £500 – £25,000. These loans offer a low interest-rate, business plan advice and mentoring – and are flexible alternatives to the one-size-fits-all approach offered by banks.

No doubt, this year will also see crowdfunding become even more common – meaning that more people will invest in new businesses and order products from companies that don’t even exist yet. As a result, more entrepreneurs will be able to validate their ideas before spending huge amounts of money, and this will also give people a way of growing a business on their own terms, rather than those put on them by banks. I imagine this would have been a huge help to us in the early days of running Virgin Atlantic, when we had the constant threat of a bank manager shutting us down.

So in 2017 there are more ways to raise money, more people to sell to, and more ways to sell – you can do it from your home in your dressing gown or anywhere where there’s an internet connection. You can realistically run a business from anywhere – even on a Caribbean island in between kite surfs!


Wag N’ Wash ranked #448 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500

Wag N’ Wash ranked #448 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500

Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500: Wag N’ Wash Natural Food & Bakery

Wag N’ Wash has been ranked number 448 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list of top franchises in 2017. Entrepreneur Magazine’s ranking system is determined by five pillars: cost and fees, size and growth, support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability.

Wag N’ Wash Healthy Pet Centers are unique and fun retail stores that combine well thought out goods and services designed to help savvy consumers enrich the bonds they have with their companion animals. 

At Wag N’ Wash, we have created an experience like no other. Whether it’s for the self-service dog wash, full-service grooming, in-house bakery or the extensive selection of products and all-natural pet foods,  our stores are the destination of choice for pet guardians who want to “Wash ‘Em, Feed ‘Em and Spoil ‘Em all in one cool place.”

Pet Food Franchise

Click here for more the full article. This article will also be featured in the January, 2017 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.