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Leave the corporate job
spend time with your dog

Our Founders did!

In 1999, our Co-Founders Dan and Jef had fruitful corporate careers. But they didn’t have time with their aging Dalmatian, Geni, as their jobs kept them away from home for extended hours.

To give Geni the time she deserved, they took a leap of faith. They left corporate America and created a career that provided a better life for Geni and brought them more personal fulfillment.

They opened the first Wag N’ Wash in Colorado Springs, CO, where it was an almost instant success.

Fast-forward 20 years…

What began as a simple dog washing facility and pet biscuit bakery, became a full-service natural pet food and retail center. We provide pets and their human companions with a convenient, all-in-one curated experience.

With 15+ locations currently open across the United States and more on the way, we’re meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of customers who want to go beyond a typical big-box or online retail experience for their pets.

Take a tour of our Broomfield, CO store

with Franchise Owner, Mike Schreiber.


Wash ‘Em!

Whether you opt for a full-service spa day in our grooming salon or you’re more of a DIY type who prefers our self-service dog washing center, Wag N’ Wash gives customers an easier, more mess-free way to get their pet clean.

Feed ‘Em!

Wag N’ Wash has been referred to as “Whole Foods for pets,” and proudly carries all-natural dog and cat food free from corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, and by-products.

Spoil ‘Em!

We bake our natural biscuits, cakes, and other treats in-house using human-grade ingredients, giving our stores an inviting aroma of fresh-baked cookies that’s hard for dogs- or people- to resist!

Love ‘Em!

Our Franchise Owners and Team Members love the pets that come into the store as if they were their own, offering expert advice on every item we carry.

Our top location earned $1,981,115* in 2019.

That’s a lotta biscuits!


It takes more than just a passing interest in companion animals to be an ideal Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner. Does this sound like you?

Pet Lover
Manager/Leader Background
Retail/Service Experience
Friendly and Outgoing


Navigate our slider to see Jay and Hank’s experience at Wag N’ Wash!

Meet Hank. Hank rolls in mud, dirt, and dead stuff. Hank needs a bath.

Hank’s person, Jay takes him to Wag N’ Wash- Hank’s favorite place!

Lisa rubs Hank’s belly when we walk in and she even knows his name.

Hank gets in the wash where it smells like yummy bakery treats – NOT a wet dog!

Hank’s clean! Jay asks a wash attendant to help give Hank a nail trim.

Jay remembers he’s low on Hank’s special all-natural food and picks some up.

Jay asks Luis what will help Hank’s anxiety. He gives Jay great advice.

For being so good, Hank gets a special treat from the bakery.

Jay’s glad he got a fun day with Hank, getting all their errands done in one place!

Sit. Stay.

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