Our Story

It began with a Dalmatian named Geni. Dan and Jef were working corporate jobs that required extensive travel and very limited free time with Geni. As Geni was growing older, Dan and Jef wanted careers that supported them financially and afford them time. Their love for Geni led them to build a company where they could earn a living with her by their side.

After a lot of hard work, consideration, and planning, Wag N’ Wash opened its first modest location as a self-serve dog wash and in-house bakery. Jef and Dan invested their own income, research and time developing their proprietary shampoos and all-natural baked treats using human grade ingredients.
Pet Franchises

First Step - 2000

Wag N’ Wash expanded the first store into a retail shop to accommodate a broader range of customer needs and include more of the pet food brands that met Dan and Jef’s high nutritional standards.

Big Leap - 2002

Jef and Dan realized there was huge demand for their products and that a single store was not going to fulfill the market demand. They decided to begin Wag N’ Wash’s expansion.

Rebirth - 2004

Wag N’ Wash began expanding, opening its Woodmen, Colorado store in a new building to accommodate the growing demand for healthy pet products in Colorado. But this was just the start.

Pet Store Franchise

Expansion - 2006

Beginning a successful series of partnerships with Franchise Owners, Wag N’ Wash opens its first dog grooming franchise in Phoenix, Arizona.

2007 – 2009

Continued expansion of the Wag N’ Wash pet store footprint through corporate and franchise locations in the Greater Denver Area brought the concept and quality to an even wider customer base.

2013 – 2018

After extensively improving and maturing our pet store franchise system, Wag N’ Wash continues to expand nationally.

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Stopped in when the place first opened just to get some cat treats. The plethora of knowledge the owners have regarding the products they offer was amazing. My Mom brought her dog in for a grooming appointment and when we got him back he looked cuter than ever. Please support this local business when you can rather than the big box stores.


What Is
Wag n’ Wash?

Wag N’ Wash is the ultimate destination for cats and dogs. Our pet store franchise provides high quality foods, professional grooming, a self-service wash and a vast array of products that are personally selected for your companion animals. We take pride in our knowledge of our products and the individual needs of our customers. Our four revenue streams offer companion animals everything they need in an immersing and fun environment, making this a high growth pet franchise opportunity.

Dog Wash Franchise

Retail Products

Our customers feel that their cats and dogs are not just pets, but cherished family members. We couldn’t agree more! We’re here to guide them towards retail products that meet their individual needs based on stage of life, activity level and dietary requirements.
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Pet Wash

Wag N’ Wash offers a unique way to gift your furry friend a customized spa day. We provide everything to get your pup clean, in a range of washing levels from Basic to Ultimate. Our washes include a proprietary line of Wag N’ Wash shampoos for basic cleaning, conditioning, brilliant whites, and we even have a special skunk blend.
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All Natural Food

We bake our own treats in house using human-grade ingredients. You won’t find anything in our bakery that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We also offer gourmet deli items, and customized birthday cakes! Our bakeries make our stores smell wonderful because we bake everything in store.
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Our groomers are trained professionals that limit the amount of clients they see per day. Everything is done by appointments only. This makes us unique because we spend a maximum of 3 hours with your companion pet. We groom, wash and care for them instead of them waiting in a kennel all day.
Dog Wash Franchise

What Does A
Wag N’ Wash Pet Store Franchise Look Like?

A Wag N’ Wash pet franchise store can range from 3500 sq ft. — 5000 sq ft. All stores feature a bakery, a grooming center, state-of-the-art wash stations, and ample space to display the vast array of retail products. Customers love the convenience of fulfilling every need for their companion pet in one store.

Located in Colorado Springs, the Wag N’ Wash Powers location is sure to impress even the fussiest of four-legged visitors. Wag N’ Wash Powers features a second story grooming station that affords pets a great view of everything happening in the retail center.

Pet Shop Franchise
“We set our financial goals high, committed ourselves 110% and we achieved our goals in less time than we planned. Our growth was organic and everyday gets easier and easier. We now have two locations and can’t wait to continue to grow our Wag N’ Wash business.”

Wag N’ Wash Franchise Owner

Pet Store Franchise


Wag N’ Wash pet store franchise is an adventure every visit for a companion animal. Watch the videos below to follow Chewie and his latest visit to his local Wag N’ Wash.

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